Tis the season for scarves. I tried knitting my own and… may be going chilly this year

OK, so maybe it’s not quite that time of year yet. The sun in the UK is still — somewhat miraculously — trying to hang on and give us some hot, kinda uncomfortable days. And, tbh, we just want it to go away so we can bundle up and be the autumn/winter obsessors that we truly are.


So, to get us in the spirit, we took it upon ourselves to try and knit a scarf. It saves the pennies on splashing out on a new one from the shops, plus it’s creative and a fun skill to learn. Right? Right.

Step 1: Buy your materials.

We went down to our local craft shop and bought some 4mm needles (because funnily enough we didn’t just have those lying around) and some gorgeous burgundy wool. We made sure to check the thickness of the wool stated on the label matched the size of our needles — because that’s a thing you have to do, OK?

Step 2: Cast on

Casting on is basically (we think, anyway) creating the width of how long your scarf wants to be by putting the initial stitches on to the needle. We watched this video and think you probably should to, because our awful explanations accompanied by pictures will not help you. We opted for a lot of loops, because we wanted our scarf to be extra thick and cosy. Being ambitious from the start is probably where we went wrong.

We’re doing it, we’re actually doing it! And then just take a look at the monstrosity we’re dealing with…

Step 3: Start stitching!

Once you’ve cast on all the loops you want to… cast on (what?), you can introduce your other needle and begin to make your way through the loops you’ve formed and create actual stitches. Again, we took to YouTube to help us with learning how exactly one stitches.

Look at our lil baby scarf!

As you can see, there was a lot going on and we think we may have been making our stitches far too tight. In fact, we know we were. This was inevitably going to make things difficult later.

Step 4: Have a friend with you.

We put on some Netflix and then our cat came and got involved. We were sure to keep the ball of wool away from her though. No matter how fat she is, we just know our cat wouldn’t have been able to resist the never ending ball of string once she clapped eyes on it.

Step 5: Listen to us when we say, don’t make your stitches too tight!

So… yeah. We made a rookie mistake in not keeping things loose and easy and things got a little tense. In fact, our stitches frayed and created new loops, then we ended up dropping a few and struggled to shimmy them back onto the needle. And then the stitches were far too tight to transfer from one needle to the other and… we gave up.

Step 6: Don’t give up.

We took a breather, kept our needles and wool out of eyesight so we weren’t tempted to lob it out of the window whilst screaming Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ and did something else for a couple of hours.

By the following day, we were feeling a lot better about things with our knitting and decided to learn from our mistakes and have another go. We decided less was more in terms of the amount of stitches we cast on to begin with and made sure not to pull too tight and make things difficult for us later.

A few hours later, we’re off to a strong start, with our fave ‘Gilmore Girls‘ to accompany our knitting journey.

Tbh, we’re pretty sure we’ll still be going chilly this year if we’re going to wait until the scarf is finished this side of Christmas. But, on the plus side, we’ve learnt a new skill and it’s actually hella therapeutic. Even if spending our Friday evening knitting in front of the telly does make us feel about eighty-years-old.

Would you ever take up knitting? Comment below or tweet us @maximumpop. And if you just so happen to be a champion knitter, what’s the best thing you’ve made?

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