“Please forgive me, Mary”: I tried the technical challenge from GBBO cake week and things got messy

Last week the Great British Bake Off contestants were given a sweet technical challenge: Jaffa cakes! Who doesn’t like jaffa cakes? (Also, who doesn’t know which way round they go?)


They didn’t look too hard. So why not give it a go at home? That’s exactly what one of our MP! staffers did.

First things first, I had to go buy the ingredients. A simple enough task in itself, but the fact that I forget the orange jelly should have been an omen of things to come…


With the jelly made, I tipped it into a tray like I’d seen on the TV. However, there was something the recipe wasn’t telling me. On the show I noticed many of the contestants lining their baking trays with clingfilm. And if it’s good enough for them…

On to the actual baking part (according to my mum jelly doesn’t count as baking, but since you have to actually do something to it, I reckon it does).


A tablespoon of sugar (something my gran taught me – a tablespoon is about 25g/1oz) and 1 egg.


Whisk into a frenzy for about 4 or 5 minutes. I was waiting for the mixture to go pale and fluffy… It felt like it took a lifetime and I’m not sure it ever went “fluffy” exactly. But it did plump up.


*Carefully* fold in the flour (a tablespoon, again. It really didn’t look like it was going to make enough for 12 jaffa cakes). Emphasis on the “carefully” part. I threw this around too much, methinks.


Greasing up the tin with unsalted butter. Should have done this before I started whisking. But what can you do, eh?


Spoon into the holes.


BAKE! About 7-9 minutes until they’re golden on top and…


…Spring back when poked lightly.


Umm. So apparently I didn’t grease the tin enough. Oops. Sorry Mary, sorry Paul. These are going to be less than perfect. #sadface


The jelly! It’s way too thick in the middle so I tried to use the edge more. Also didn’t have a circle cutter so I used a shot glass. Cheers!


They sort of look ok! Maybe too much jelly… Also, spot the honorary upside-down one.


Melting the plain chocolate. And then you’re supposed to wait for it to cool down a lot… But… I was too lazy.


They’re not too shabby! Very cute. Very edible. Much excite. Ok, they’re a little ugly, and no way was I risking disaster by scraping the crosshatch into the top. Forgive me Mary Berry!

There is a real element of finesse and attention to detail needed to make perfect jaffa cakes… an element I’m not sure I possess. But they were fun to make, and if you want to give a shot then the recipe is here.

Wanna see if any of your fave GBBO peebles are on Snapchat? Click here to find them!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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