I tried drinking 8 glasses of water a day to see if my skin really did improve – and you won’t believe what happened!

Despite having “You should drink at least two litres of water every day!” yelled at us every waking moment, we’re ashamed to admit we’re more than a little negligent when it comes to drinking those fluids.

We WANT to do our best to be healthy but when you lead busy lives like the MP! team do, sometimes we forget things as basic as drinking enough water.

So – we set ourselves a challenge. With our skin looking worn out and tired, we wanted to see once and for all whether drinking the recommended daily amount of water would make a difference. Here’s what happened:

Wednesday, 10am:

Bright and early we set out on our 2 litre challenge. 8 250ml glasses today… we can totally do this, right?

Wednesday, 3pm:

Status update – only managed one and a half cups of water so far. The glasses are kind of small so… maybe 300ml have been drunk? We’re totally failing but there’s still time to pull it back up, or so we hope.

Wednesday, 7pm:

Today’s challenge was an utter disaster. We’ve drunk just shy of a litre of water (or 4 cups) and nothing  much out-of-the-ordinary has happened yet. If we want that clear AF, smooth smooth skin we’re going to have to work a lot harder than this.

So… what next? We decided to try again the next day and this time we were really going to step up our game. Failure was NOT an option!

Thanks Haymitch!

Thursday, Noon:

Knowing we needed to do better than yesterday’s abysmal attempt, we bought ourselves a 750ml bottle of water so we could measure it all out and ensure we were on track. It actually really helped! Having the bottle near us reminded us to keep sipping throughout the day and so we progressively started working our way through.

Thursday, 3pm:

First 750ml down. We’ve been to the toilet once already and we’re scared by doing so we’ve well and truly broken the seal. We could try holding it in, but in the words of Kendall Jenner:

Thursday, 4pm:

We were right. This is our third wee of the hour.

Thursday, 6pm:

Second bottle down. We’ve already done way better than yesterday, having managed 1.5 litres (the equivalent of 6 cups) already! Unfortunately that comes at a price. A bathroom price.

We’ve never visited the toilet this much before in our entire lives! Is this normal? Do we just have a really weak bladder? How do people go about their daily lives when they need to pee every half an hour?!

Thursday, 8.30pm:

Success – WE DID IT! Somehow we managed to finish off our third bottle, meaning we’ve drunk well over the recommended 2 litres. With just a bit left over in the bottom, we’ve drunk about nine cups – an extra cup more than is necessary!

So, what was the result?

We did this experiment as a little treat to our skin. Would it really make our spots disappear and give us a new, sparkling brightness?

In all honesty, we probably haven’t been drinking enough water for long enough yet for it to make a real difference. What we DID get though was a lot of this in the mirror:

And a lot of “does my skin look better?” questions to our family. Most of them didn’t realise we’d even been drinking gallons of water all day, never mind that our skin might potentially look different.

And, of course, we got the side-effect of EVEN MORE bathroom breaks than a normal human surely needs. We can’t count the number of times we made exclamations like these throughout the day:

We were seriously so close at times.

So, drinking 8 cups of water: good or bad? Worth it or just a scam?

We might not have noticed visible results over the two day period we tried this out, but we totally reckon we will if we stick with it. We definitely plan to, too, because it made us feel waaayyy healthier even if we had to pee eighty times a day.

And guess what? You should totes drink water too because even your faves do it. Didn’t you know that the secret behind Zac Efron’s delicious face is 2 litres of water a day? ;)

What do you think? Tweet us @maximumpop if you’re going to take up the challenge and try to drink more water from now on too.

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