Does avoiding bright screens really improve your sleep? I tried it so you don’t have to

Let’s be real, technology is taking over and it’s rare that you’ll find us without a mobile phone in hand. There’s just too much must-see drama happening on Twitter OKAY.


However, studies have shown that looking at bright screens before bed has health risks and could be damaging the quality of sleep you get.

Wait, so is THAT why we’re tired literally all the time? We put the hack to the test by avoiding bright screens 2 hours before sleeping to see if it really improved our sleep.

The night

We replaced our phones with physical books and while it was a super relaxing evening, it was almost too blissful to the point where it probably took us longer to sleep.


There’s just something about the eyestrain from staring at bright screen for hours that sends your brain to sleep. Perhaps we’ll feel super charged and refreshed in the morning though…

The morning


Nope. Definitely feel as tired as usual. But seriously, who doesn’t at 7am in the morning? We want what those magical sleeping machines are having, but we’re not sure avoiding bright screens has much to do with it. Soz science.


Avoiding bright screens probably does have some secret health benefit, but personally we didn’t notice any instant improvement and tbh we’re too lazy to make it a long-term thing.

If we’re gonna wake up tired anyway, we might as well just enjoy those 2 hours of scrolling Twitter before bed, right?

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