Instagram’s new app ‘Hyperlapse’ makes your vids arty in seconds.

Firstly we’d like to thank Instagram for giving us those amazing filters which make the bags under our eyes go away. Secondly we’d like to congratulate them on their new app ‘Hyperlapse’ which we’ve been playing with while on a 7 hour car ride over the weekend.

What is ‘Hyperlapse’?

It’s a brand spanking new app from Instagram & you can download it for free here. 

Okay, I’ve downloaded it. What does it do?

You know those arty time-lapse videos people make of clouds and traffic? You can now make them with your phone!

FYI if you were to try and make a video like this with camera equipment you’d need around $15,000 worth of kit!

What makes it so special?

It features built-in stabilising technology, where you’d normally have to hold the equipment still to make a time-lapse you can continue holding your phone and moving it around like taking a normal video. ‘Hyperlapse’ smoothes out footage and makes it look super professional and fancy.



 How do I edit my video?

Just tap record like normal when recording a video. tap it again to stop it. Afterwards you can select the playback speed and make it up to 12x faster – that’s pretty bloomin’ speedy.

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