Amazing Album Alert: Hunter Hayes – ‘I Want Crazy’. Rising country pop superstar finally sets his sights on the UK!

Aside from the all powerful T. Swizzle, country isn’t exactly a big genre over in the UK. Even Tay Tay herself has crossed over into the pop leagues big style so who’s gonna take over her mantle now? Well, we hope it’s the gorgeous Hunter Hayes with his special brand of pop and country all rolled into one insanely catchy package. ‘I Want Crazy’ is Hunter’s big UK push for superstardom and it’s certainly an excellent start.Hunter-Hayes-I-Want-Crazy-2015-1200x1200I want crazy, but I am VERY SERIOUS INDEED.

The anthemic title track is for anyone who tires of normal and wants more excitement from their life partner. Eh, we’ll be quite happy to fulfil that role Hunter, cheers.

The vaguely cheesy but undeniably infectious recent single ‘Tattoo’ still hits the sweet spot, though we wouldn’t recommend actually getting a tattoo of crush’s name as that could get messy in more ways than one.

One of the highlights includes the high energy ‘Light Me Up’ (sadly not a Parade cover) which keeps Hunter’s country pop sound at the forefront but mixes a hint of EDM breaks and synths into the pot for good measure.

Early single ‘Wanted’ makes an appearance on this Blighty release and it’s a welcome addition as Mr. Hayes shows us his soppy side “I want to make you feel wanted / I want to make you feel better” he croons sincerely, making us melt a little when we hear in the office.

It’s not all love and lolz though when it comes to the bitter and impassioned “You Think You Know Somebody” which finds the teen star mourning the sudden end of a relationship, lamenting; “Don’t you understand / do you even care / If you love me like you said you did you’d still be standing here / You think you know somebody”. Le sob.

We’ll admit, we’ve always had a soft spot for Hunter – particularly since our, ahem, somewhat illuminating interview recently – but ‘I Want Crazy’ has made us superfans now. It’s choc full sing-a-long anthems and a smattering of heartfelt balladry to see us through to the summer and we luuuurve it. Top marks, Hunter.

MP! Rating: 4/5


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