Hunger Games hunk-off! Who’s your favourite hottie from Panem? CAST YOUR VOTES!

We’re moving away from boybands this week (hair is still involved though, don’t worry) because we like to mix it up every now and then. After that juicy The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 trailer hit the internet last week we’re a little obsessed and debate has raged across the MP! offices – who IS the hunkiest man from Panem? Believe it or not,  it hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, so with your help we are going to settle this once and for all!

Let’s start with, let’s be honest, the three guys its going to be between.

Hunger games Gale

Gale is so rugged and beefy, you wouldn’t think he would be able to keep up his high protein steak and eggs diet in a world where people live in starvation. When he’s not hunting in the woods or conspiring to destroy the Capitol, Gale enjoys hanging out with Daft Punk (pictured) and has a secret fetish for being whipped. Oooh err. He also looks a little bit like Thor.

Hunger Games Peeta

Despite his family owning a bakery and bread making you fat (this makes us sad), Peeta is pretty ripped too. Lucky Katniss! The opposite to Gale, Mr. Mellark has boyish features like his cute-as-a-button face and blonde hair you just wanna ruffle all day long. More the take home to meet the parents kinda guy, will that help or hinder Peeta in our hunk-off? We don’t know, it’s upto you.

Hunger Games Finnick

A later entry into hunk-off, Finnick missed out on being in the first film because he was off saving whales off the coast of some beautiful island. This guy totally rocks the surfer dude, free spirit and/or merman look: his hair is a wavy as the sea and his abs are as hard as the rocks the waves crash against. Do you wish you were those waves? Get voting.

Whilst we think this is going to be a three horse race, we have been proven wrong before, so we’re going to have an ‘Other’ column for you to vote for whoever you want. Here are a few wildcard entries

Hunger Games Crane

Sexy evil beard.

Hunger Games Haymitch

The older gentleman.

Hunger Games Snow

The much older gentleman.

Hunger Games CinnaLenny!

Hunger Games Effie

This guy…

Hunger Games Extra

Wait, who is this mystery man? Does he look as good in focus?!

As usual, the poll closes on Sunday, results and a new poll on Monday. Comment below with new poll suggestions, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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