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Do you know everything there is to know about HRVY? Prove it by getting 100% in THIS quiz he filmed for us

Do you know HRVY’s Nando’s order?

By now you guys have most definitely smashed Maximum Pop!’s super tricky HRVY trivia quiz. We drilled you on everything from what colour jacket HRVY was wearing in the video of ‘Holiday’ to which must-watch popstar he last covered on YouTube.

You probs bossed it, right? Well, now it’s time to step up your game. That’s right, HRVY fans. It’s time for round 2 and we got a little help from the expert himself. Rather than Maximum Pop! create a quiz for you guys to enjoy, we asked HRVY make one.

He’s filmed 12 ridiculous questions that he wants you guys to try and answer. You’ll need to know things like his Nando’s order, roller coaster preference and if he’s a boxers or briefs kinda guy.

Think you’ve got what it takes? HRVY has a message for you…

We’re not going to beat around the bush with this one guys. These questions are super hard and you don’t find any of the answers on Google. You’ll have to use your top fangirl skills and have a hunt around HRVY’s head to pull out the correct result.

It’s totally worth it, though. Once you’re done, HRVY has even recorded a special message for you. It’s not for your mum or your sister or the cat that lives down the road. It’s for YOU. Let’s go.

How did you do? Let us know your score in the comments below. You can also play our other HRVY quiz by clicking here.

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