We quizzed our gran on One Direction knowledge and here’s how she got on…

Everyone who’s anyone knows about One Direction, even our gran! But we decided to take it one step further and test her on her knowledge of the world’s biggest boyband.


During our Sunday visit, we sat down with our gran, Joan, and quizzed her on 1D. Here’s how she got on.

Round One

Can you name each member of One Direction? 


Gran: That’s Harry, you can tell by the hair

MP!: He’s cut all that off now

Gran: Good! It suits him better short


G: That’s Niall. He’s the blonde one. You like him the most.


G: Liam? Or Louis? No, that’s Louis.


G: That has to be Liam, then! He seems the nicest.

Score: 4 points 


Who is the oldest?

G: Liam

MP!: No, Louis

G: What? Liam looks more mature than Louis

Who is the youngest?

G: Harry

Which member of 1D auditioned twice for ‘The X Factor’?

G: Harry?

MP!: No, Liam

G: I thought that’s why everyone liked Harry more because they knew him

MP!: No, he’s just charming and irresistible

G: For you, maybe

Can you name One Direction’s debut single?

G: That song… You light up my world…you are beautiful…

MP!: ‘What Makes You Beautiful’?

G: Aye, that’s it.

Score: 3+4 =7



True or False:

Liam Payne has a fear of spoons

G: What? That’s got to be false

MP!: It’s true

G: That’s weird

Niall Horan originally auditioned to be in 5SOS but didn’t get in

G: True

MP!: False

G: I guessed that one…

Louis Tomlinson has previously been in a movie

G: They are famous so true

MP!:  Correct but this was before he was famous

Harry Styles was originally born Harriet as his mother really wanted a girl

G: Nah, that has to be false.

Score: 7 +2 = 9



Who’s singing which line?

“Now I’m climbing the walls, but you don’t notice at all.”

G: I’m going to say Niall

“Maybe it’s the way she walked straight into my heart and stole it”

G: Liam?

MP!: Harry

G: Why is he shouting?

MP!: Because he’s passionate

“Waking up beside you I’m a loaded gun, I can’t contain this anymore, I’m all yours I’ve got no control, no control”

G: What did he say?! A gun?!

MP!:  Not a literal gun.

G: Then what does – oh yuck! Is that what everyone sings about these days? Like Nicki Minaj and her anaconda?

MP!: Oh my God. Can you name the person?

G: Louis?

MP!: Yes!

G: He needs to wash his mouth

“You’re insecure, don’t know what for, you’re turning heads when you walk through the door”

G: That’s Liam. He seems nicer.

Score: 3 + 9 = 12



Guess the tattoos

Harry tattoo

G: That’s Harry. I saw that in the newspaper.

MP!: Correct.

G: He shouldn’t ruin himself with that tattoo

Louis Tattoo

G: Is that Liam?

MP: Nope. Louis.

G: That stag would look nice on a canvas. Not an arm.

liam tattoo

G: That one is Liam

Liam tattoo 1

G: This one is Niall, then

MP!: Nope, it’s Liam again. Niall doesn’t have any tattoos.

G: Good lad.

Score: 2 + 12 = 14

Overall score: 14 out of 20

1d gif

Overall, our gran seems to be pretty clued up on One Direction. Maybe she’s been listening to us more than we thought about the boys, or maybe she’s a secret fan herself.

Gran says: “Grandma always knows best. I know more than you think!”

What do you think about our gran’s 1D knowledge? Can your gran beat ours? Tweet us @maximumpop while we try to convert her into being a true 1D fan…

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