MP! Guide: How to be #goals on Twitter and get followed by your fave

Twitter is great, isn’t it?


Not only can you interact with all your friends, family and all your nearest and dearest but you can also get to know all your faves as real people.


You literally get to see what they do from the moment they wake up, right through to what time they go to bed. It’s pretty amazing.

But while we love Twitter as it is, there’s always one thing that we’re all secretly craving – a follow from our favourite stars. It’s like the holy grail of Twitter and means that you’re totally BFF’s with your fave.

It can be pretty hard to get noticed but we’ve come up with the ultimate guide for you to win at Twitter and get that all-important follow.


1) Be yourself: Just do your thing and don’t try to look “cool” for other people.

2) Keep it cute: If you’re constantly being mean or rude, there’s no way anyone – let alone your fave – is going to follow you.


3) Show some love: Let your faves know that you’re fan; everybody wants to feel a little love…

4) … But know the limit: Showing love is good, spamming is not. Sometimes the limit does exist.


5) There’s more to life than selfies: Your face is gorge! But let’s see something else from you too.


6) Know the (unwritten) Twitter rules: If you see two people in a conversation, don’t butt in with your nonsense. It’s not really a rule but, y’know… it’s just not cool.

7) Ask: Don’t be afraid to ask for a follow, you never know what might happen…


8) Look out for following sprees: Lots of pop stars go on mass following sprees when they’re in a good mood. Keep your eyes on their Twitter for when it happens.


9) Share something helpful: If you’re able to help with answers to questions your fave might be asking, they might reward you with a cheeky follow. Be friendly and offer some advice where you can.


You’ve won that all important follow now, haven’t you?! Don’t forget to follow us @maximumpop!

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