MP! Guide: How to take a Social Media detox and feel like a brand new you

We all love social media.


Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… they’re all great, right? Not necessarily.


Sometimes social media can be really overwhelming and sometimes it’s necessary to log out and enjoy real life. But it can be a challenge to not Snapchat through your entire family holiday.


But don’t worry, we’re here to help. This is the utimate guide in taking  a break from social media. And believe us, when you do, you’ll feel like a brand new person.

1) Plan ahead: Taking a break from social media can be difficult so take a few days to prepare yourself. Otherwise you’ll find yourself scrolling through Twitter again on your second day.


2) Talk to your friends: You’ll need a bit of help from your friends so ask them to be considerate around you. Or maybe even ask them to go on a social media break with you. It’s better to do it together.


3) Change your passwords: Before leaving, change your password, write it down and give it to someone you can trust like your best friend. Although it’s not recommended to share your social media passwords, this should only be temporary and you should immediately change it again when you return.


4) Deactivate your accounts: Facebook and Twitter allow you to deactivate your accounts, however Snapchat and Instagram won’t; you’ll have to completely delete your account if you want to “deactivate”. If you don’t want to delete them, follow the earlier step of changing your password.


5) Try leaving unnecessary devices at home: Obviously you can’t leave your phone at home but you can probably leave your tablet or any extra devices at home. This is lower your desire to use social media.


6) Find new activities and hobbies: Now you’ve got some extra time on your hands it’s the perfect opportunity to find a new hobby. Go wild.

ZS dancing

7) Catch up with distant friends and family: You’ve probably neglected your friends and family; catch up with them, go to dinner (to EAT not take pictures of), days out… whatever takes your fancy.


8) Write your potential posts down: You’ve probably been using Twitter to get your thoughts and feelings out. You can still do this. Get yourself a journal and write down your feelings. Keep it with you so you’ve always got it to hand.


9) Enjoy life: Just enjoy the world around you! Get out, have fun and live life.


If you are thinking about taking a social media break, or if you’ve already done one, drop us a line @maximumpop. Good luck!

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