How to Start a Book Blog: Running a Giveaway

Giveaways are a brilliant way to shine a light on your fledgling blog, but they can seem like a lot of hassle. We’ve got the lowdown on the easiest, no-fuss ways to host a giveaway!

tell me your secrets


A quick Twitter giveaway is the easiest, quickest way to share the bookish love, and it’s built in promotion and easy to share! We use Twitter for our giveaways a lot here at MP! Here’s how we do it:

We sometimes use a form because it makes it easier to handle hundreds of entries, but you won’t need to do that for a while. A simple follow and RT to win (with win in block capitals to catch the giveaway accounts!) will serve you well! Just make sure to state a closing date and if the giveaway is going to be limited to the US/UK etc to avoid any awkward convos down the line.


Instagram is another easy platform to do a giveaway from and is also easy to promote, especially if you’ve got your blog link in your bio and your Insta is connected with your Twitter. Here’s one of our recent ones:

Instagram giveaways are the perfect excuse to brush up on your photography skills! Just get people to follow and like your photo, maybe comment on the picture and tag a friend and you’re off!

Like we’ve done here, get all of the giveaway info on the picture to make the image and giveaway super shareable. And don’t forget your hashtags! We recommend using #bookstagram #giveaway #instabook and #ireadya to spread the word.


We’re a big fan of Rafflecopter. It looks great on your blog, it’s easy to use, easy to enter and gives you options to play around with the types of entries you can have for the giveaway.

You can sign up to Rafflecopter for free and your login stores all of your past and future giveaways. You can schedule them ahead of time and you can even have more than one prize!

Rafflecopter layout

Rafflecopter Entries

But the best bit about Rafflecopter? It emails you when the giveaway is over and once you’re signed in, picks your winners for you!

Rafflecopter winners

You’re all set! Go and make some booklover’s day!

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