How to Start a Book Blog: Joining the Community

Ask any book blogger what their favourite part of being a book blogger is and they’ll probably say the community. They’re a welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic bunch.

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But how do I become one of them, you ask? Read on, newbie, read on.


Book bloggers live on Twitter. Fact. They share their blog posts, squee over the latest bookish news and compliment each other on their bookshelves and cats. It’s rather glorious to be honest. Just join in! Ask a question, join in a conversation – it’s as easy as that! You’ll be welcomed in within minutes.

Twitter Chats

The UKYA community is a community that thrives on Twitter chats! They’re a fantastic way to meet people, talk to those you’ve been a bit intimidated by and get to grips with the things that are occupying the brains of book bloggers on a weekly basis! Plus, it’s super fun and moves so quickly you’ll be all like Brucey here:


A few chats to check out:

  • #ukyachat – Fridays at 8pm, BST (Run by @LucyTheReader)
  • #FeminismInYA – Tuesdays at 7:30pm, BST (Run by @helloiammariam)
  • #SundayYA – Sundays at 6pm, BST (Run by @_sectumsemprah)


Bookstagram is booming. It’s a little different to the community on Twitter, but just as lovely. And full of beautiful photos of books and personal libraries gorgeous enough to make you sick with jealousy. In a good way, obvs.

Our advice for Instagram is the same for Twitter – just jump in! Post some booky pictures, like the snaps of other bookstagrammers and leave comments. People will always check out accounts that’ve interacted with theirs.

Top Tips

  • Don’t forget your hastags! Use #bookstagram, #ireadya and #instabook – they’ve got huge followings.
  • Don’t worry about being as flashy as other people. Keep going and you’ll learn little tricks and develop your own style.

Blog Comments

Sadly, blog comments are a dying art. So if you do take the time to comment on someone’s post – as long as it’s something genuine and not clearly copy and pasted to 50 different blogs! – you can bet your bottom dollar that the blogger will visit you in return, and maybe even check out your social media too! Commenting on blogs can be a really great way to start conversations with your readers as well as with the people you want to be buddies with.

Tips & Tricks

  • Have your name (or pseudonym) on your blog. People will choose not to contact you if they can’t figure out how to address you!
  • List your social media info on your blog – Twitter, Insta, Tumblr, Blog Facebook – everything!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask older bloggers for advice or any tips. They’ll be happy to help!
  • Our biggest piece of advice? Dive in right in.

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