How to Start a Book Blog: How to Self-Promote

So you’ve written your blog posts, you’re getting your proofs, you’ve got a blog tour on the horizon and a giveaway is taking off – but how do you get people to see all of the awesome stuff going on? Grab a cuppa, make yourself comfy, we’ve got you covered.

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Twitter is a blogger’s best friend. The UKYA community thrives on Twitter. It’s where bloggers and booktubers become friends, where they bounce around ideas, share woes and excitements and also where they share their posts.

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It’s a platform that allows instant sharing, interaction and hashtags! You can tag the publishers and authors in your (positive!!) reviews, share your thoughts with other bloggers who you know have read it to, take part in Twitter chats to introduce yourself to new people and basically just become obsessed with it. It’s going to happen – run with it.


Bloglovin’ is a website that allows you to sign up with your blog and follow other blogs. This means everything falls into a feed that just makes it easier to see the latest posts from all your favourite blogs! As people start to follow your blog, it’ll pop up in lists of followers and allow people to have a quick peek at your posts and follow you in only a second! It’s also super easy to navigate.


There’s the added bonus of being able to link Bloglovin’ and your social media so as soon as your posts go live, Bloglovin’ will tweet the link or share it on your Facebook page. Handy, huh?


Oh, Instagram, how we love you. There are few things that are more likely to get someone interested in you and your blog than by allowing them to scroll through a feed and see a selection of the books that you read! And if the pictures happen to be pretty, well then that’s just a bonus! Instagram is all about catching someone’s eye, but it can also lead to interactions too – that’s what the likes and comments are for!


You thought Goodreads was just for keeping track of your TBR and being nosy about what everyone is reading, did you? NOPE.


Goodreads is just like everything else we’ve discussed today – it’s a place to interact and make friends, to share your thoughts and compare them. It’s a place of readalongs, reading groups, memes and recommendations. You can list your blog in your info and link back to it when you cross post your reviews (you should totally do this, btw) – it’s an effortless way to spread the word.

But really, our main piece of advice? Get stuck in. Shout about your blog, join in with the community and make friends. That’s what it’s all about!

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