How to Start a Book Blog: Blog Tours

Ah, blog tours. You see them everywhere, but how on earth do you become a part of one? What do they entail? What does ‘blog tour’ really even mean? Don’t worry – we’ll explain all.

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What is a blog tour?

A blog tour is something organised by the publicity department in a publisher to promote a new book. For around a week or 10 days, there will be a series of consecutive posts on a whole host of different blogs, featuring reviews of the book, author interviews, guest posts from the author, playlists and extracts. And you get a snazzy graphic to put on your blog, too!

Here are a few examples!

Cinnamon Girl

Never Evers

How do I get on one?

The Publicist

Blog tours will quickly become part of the process of blogging as you become known to publicists. Requests for blog tours will become a weekly occurrence once you’re on a mailing list and you’ll agree with them a date, the content and what you need to do.

PR Companies and Freelance Publicists

Every so often, a publisher outsources their publicity for a particular book to a PR company or freelance publicist and they will sort out proof copies, blog tours and author content. Everything we talked about when requesting proof copies from publishers applies to these guys too.

i'm a professional

You’ll often find that once you’re known to publicists, your email will fall into the hands of the PRs from other areas that deal with YA books. If not, follow them on Twitter and get a feel for the books they promote and the tours they put on. Engage with them and send a friendly email asking to be kept in the loop about all things YA.

Here are a few PR companies and freelancers that promote YA:


Do you remember us talking about Bookbridgr when we looked at getting proof copies? Then you’ll remember that you can sign up for blog tours when you request your review copy! This is a super easy way to get involved with blog tours, but it doesn’t quite have the same sense of building contacts as working with publicists directly. Though it’s a great way to start out!

Bookbridgr page

Bookbridgr extra content

What will I have to do?

Hopefully, not much. Posts for blog tours are usually delivered to you in full with you only needing to format and publish the post! Of course, if you have a review tour stop then you need to read and review the book in time for your date and if you’re interviewing the author, you’ll need a little more time as you’ll have to read the novel and write the questions with enough time for them to go to the author and come back to the publicist and then to you.

A little warning: sometimes the post might not be as meaty as you expected. Be prepared to have to add a little something to a post every now and again. As you become more and more aware of authors/publishers/companies that deliver certain types of posts, you’ll be able to cherry pick which tours you take part in.

Things to Remember:

  • Being part of a blog tour does not mean you’re obligated to review the book.
  • Being part of a blog tour does not mean you must give the book a positive review.
  • You don’t have to take part in every blog tour that you’re asked to!

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