6 nifty hacks to help promote your fan project

OK so you have a concept for your fan project and you’re pretty sure it rocks.


You’re certain the world will thank you for your contribution towards the progression of society. But how can you make sure they find out about it?

Most fan projects suffer from a lack of promo, but MP! is here to make sure yours gets off the ground and reaches the max amount of people possible!

1. Decide on a schedule and stick to it

If you’re really serious about making your project a success you need to completely throw yourself into it. When you’ve decided on what you’re project will be, you should also sit down and work out a comprehensive plan of what tasks you have to do and the timeframe you have  to complete them.

Don’t be like Phoebe…


2. Create a promotional graphic

Fanboys and fangirls tend to be very visually led, so it’s always a good idea to create an image to use for promotional on socials. It only takes half and hour or so on an image editing service and it can give your project a real boost.

A good example is this one which was put together by 5SOS PH Team for their Project Safety Pin PH, which is now listed on the Fan Projects site.


3. List your project on the Fan Projects website 

We all get by with a little help from our friends, so why not let us help you. Our fan projects website is a platform which allows people to discover new fan projects and take part in them. Click on this link for details on how to submit a project.


4. Get influential people/accounts involved

Speaking of friends in high places, reach out to fan accounts on Twitter and try to get them involved in promoting your project. If you own a fan account yourself you’re in an even better position to get other fan accounts excited.


Follow and DM fan accounts to tell them about your project. Combine your followings. Remember there is strength in numbers.

5. Arrange a weekly mailer

The important thing with any fan project is to keep things constantly ticking over. When things kick off there is a lot of momentum, but this can get lost after the initial excitement dies down. That is why it’s important to keep everyone updated about the progress of the fan project with a short and sweet weekly or biweekly mailer.

6. Promo on socials like no tomorrow

Keep promoting on socials several times a week until the project date. Get your friends to post about it and share with their friends. Blanket coverage is the best tactic so make sure you promote on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and any other site you can find.


Can you think of any other ideas to promote a fan project? Keep the conversation going by leaving a comment below.

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