11 things to do right now to make summer 2017 EPIC

Winter is coming? Pfft. So what? Forget about it. What you need to be focusing on is making sure NEXT summer is the biggest and the bestest one yet.

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And there’s only one way to do that: Preparation!

1. First things first, you can get signed up for AmeriCamp, right now. And then that’s at least a big part of the plan sorted, eh?


What’s AmeriCamp we hear you say? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to do the American summer camp thing; be a camp counsellor, get paid, travel the US, then these guys are EXACTLY what you need. They’ll sort you out with one heck of a summer to remember. You can even stay up to date with them on Snapchat.

Click through to read more about AmeriCamp and the incredible adventure you could be going on in 2017.

And to make this chance even sweeter, we here at MP! are offering an exclusive discount code so that you can get a stonking 20% off your final fees. (see terms and conditions*) with this code:

maximum pop

Yep, it’s that easy! And if you wanna save on flights too, shimmy on over to Student Universe. We hear they’ve got some seriously sweet deals, including return flights to the US for under £500.

So what are you waiting for?!

2. Learn to drive. If you’re of that age, of course. Getting behind that wheel and being reading for summer means that the world is literally your oyster. ROAD TRIP!

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3. Keep an eye on flights. Prices for flights fluctuate wildly throughout the year, so if you’re going to AmeriCamp, or just abroad to soak up the sizzling summer heat, be aware.

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Sure, you can get some really good deals last minute, but if you have a specific plan in mind it’s best to book early. Sites like Skyscanner and Expedia are a great help.

4. Buy stuff in the sale now, and in January. As galling as it can be to buy swimwear and cotton dresses once the weather has turned, your budget and bank account will thank you for it later.

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Buy things that you’re pretty sure you’ll need/want next year and put it away in a box until then. Same goes for the winter sale if you’re planning on going somewhere chillier. And when the time comes, pull that box out and it’s like Christmas in July!

5. Get in shape. Ugh, no, not for the “perfect bikini bod”. Forget that crap. This is to ensure whatever activity you’re planning on doing you’ll be totes ready for. Harder, faster, stronger.

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6. Organise your squad. If you want your besties to be there too then make sure they’ve got the dates saved too. Nothing worse than doing all this planning and then they haven’t even bothered. Gawd.

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7. Learn a new skill. Whether that’s something more extreme like survival or surfing or how to skin a rabbit (euw, now), or something less intense but just as essential like changing a tyre, how to cook, a new language. Now’s the time to learn, and reap the rewards later!

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8. Check your passport. Do this now. Right now. It can easily take up to 6 weeks to send it off and have it come back. So unless you want to do a mad dash to Newport to stand in a long line, and wait for hours with no guarantee it’ll get done… do it now. Check it’s in date. Same goes for any other important docs, yeah?

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9. Get inspired. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do other than knowing it has to be epic. So spend some time gathering info and getting inspired.

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Maybe reading a travel blog like Adventurous Kate, or checking out some ‘summer bucket list’ pins on Pinterest. Whatever floats your boat!

10. Save all of your ideas! You can use a software like Evernote, or create your own summer Pinterest board. Or maybe just chuck clippings/print outs into a shoe box. That way you’ll have made something akin to a lucky dip! Just pull out a piece of paper and viola! That’s your activity for that week.

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11. Be chill. There’s not point getting worked up or stressed out about any of it. Got no money? No problem! Summer doesn’t mean you have to spend a single penny, not at all. Got no ideas? Pfft. You don’t ahve to do anything spectacular or one-of-a-kind to have an epic summer. Just roll with it.

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Summer 2017 is going to be awesome, and you’re totally gonna rock it.

*Terms and conditions:

  • Applications must be completed in full by 15th of March 2017
  • Applicants must be 18 by June 1st 2017 in order to apply to the programme
  • Applications must be available no later than June 18th for a 9 week programme
  • Applications must have a clean criminal record
  • Discount is to be applied to the Stage 3 payment after successful placement, stages one and two must be paid in full

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