I tried knitting my own top and it was surprisingly easy

We love getting crafty here at MP! Towers and recently had a go at knitting our own scarf, but er, let’s just say we may be going chilly this winter. Oops.


We’re not quitters though, so we decided to persevere and enlist the help of Wool and the Gang, a ‘global knitwork of gangstas’ who believe fashion should be made unique.

This time, we’re making our very own top and we know what you’re thinking – that’s gotta be way harder, right?! Well, turns out it was actually surprisingly easy. Here’s how our style writer, Nina, got on…


The great thing about WATG is that everything is provided for you in a neatly packaged kit: needles, yarn, sewing needle, a pattern – the lot. It takes away a LOT of stress and confusion knowing that you’ve got the right equipment in the correct size/weight.

For the ‘Uma’ top I’m knitting, the specific materials required are 5mm needles and 4 balls of ‘Shiny Happy Cotton’. The yarn is available in a range of different colours, but I picked ‘Army Green’ as it’s all pretty and autumnal.


Upon reading the instruction booklet that was included, I soon discovered that I would need to use a cable knit cast on and knit in moss stitch. Two techniques which I have never attempted or even heard of before in my life. CUE THE PANIC.

The panic didn’t last long as after a quick google, I realised that Wool and the Gang have their own YouTube channel which has tutorials for literally EVERYTHING. I soon found ones for said techniques and learnt both skills very quickly.

And that was basically all I needed to know! The picture above shows the progress I’ve made so far and I’m pretty proud of it. The pattern does require you to perform a decrease further down the line, but I’m a slow knitter so it’ll be Christmas before I get that far.

I can’t wait to finish the piece and finally get to wear it. Have you ever tried knitting your own top (or anything)? Let us know how it went and any tips you have in the comments below!

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