How to hold a fan meet up. Make new friends fo’lyf while bonding over your fave bands!

Have you ever seen 5SOS tweet about countries having meet ups? Or heard of fan meet ups in other fandoms? Well, we’re going to give you tips on how to hold your very own fan meet up for you and other local fans in your fandom. You’re welcome.

  1. Pick a place known by locals to hold the meet up

To be able to meet with other fans, you need to pick a meeting point where people will be familiar with. Maybe if you’re in London you’d pick Hyde Park or in front of the Eiffel Tower if you’re in Paris? Somewhere everyone knows or can access directions easily.

  1. Make sure you spread the word

For people to attend the meet up, you need them to know the meet up is happening!  Make a poster on Picmonkey, make a Facebook event or even use to put the info of your meet up on. Make sure you share it all on Twitter and Facebook for fans to see! Another good idea is a hashtag. People can search it for any updates you may have.

  1. Talk to update accounts

Update accounts and big fan accounts have a lot of followers globally. Tweet as many as you can along with links/posters to the event and ask them please could they kindly retweet you.

4. Do something fun!

Meet ups are supposed to be fun, so make sure you have something planned! Is there a local open day nearby? Know of a fun place to go? If there’s nothing interesting going on, make it interesting! A banner competition would be cool and maybe some silly games to get involved with

  1. Take lots of pictures

You might make friends and do something cool at the event so selfies at the ready! And don’t forget to take a big group picture at some point

5sos meet up august!

  1. Tell your idols!

Once the meet up is over, it’s time to let your idols know what happened. Tweet them, DM them, do whatever you can to let them know! Again, update accounts are also handy as they have a big following. Also, some bands/singers/actors follow update accounts, so your meet up could end up on their timeline at the right time.


While meet ups are fun, they can also lead to some problems. Make sure you take these pointers into consideration before and during your meet up.

  • Don’t ever agree to meet with someone you’ve never met alone- while most fans are going to be legit, you never know if you have someone dodgy pretending to be a fan. If you are going to meet someone you’ve never met, make sure you have a friend or family member with you to make sure it’s safe and maybe suggest to the person you’re meeting to do the same thing.
  • Make sure you know where the meet up is taking place- if you’re going to a meet up at some place you’re not sure of, make sure you find how to get there and back safely. Maybe ask a parent to drop you off and pick you up or arrange to go with other people you know.
  • Meet somewhere public- don’t meet at someone’s house or in a hidden place. Make sure it’s somewhere where plenty of people will be around. You never know what might happen, so having the meet up somewhere public is the sensible thing to do

Have a great time at your meet ups and don’t forget to send us pics- we want to see how much fun you’re having!

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