How to get your fan account noticed by your favourite artist

It seems that Twitter fan accounts get shout outs from pop stars all the time and we know that you guys love to get noticed by your faves. So we decided to ask one of our fave Twitter fan accounts superstars, Ronja from @ShawnMendesNews, to share her wisdom. TEACH US OH WISE ONE!

Don’t you just love it when your favourite artists interact with you? Can’t relate? Then you are clearly doing something wrong. Thankfully you can always learn how to get your fave’s attention. Follow these six simple steps and you might find yourself chatting to or being noticed by your idols sooner than you think!

1. Know where to start.

Does your favourite artist spend an  time at all on social media? If the answer is yes, think about which social media platforms they use the most and communicate with their fans through that. If you haven’t already created an account, get started. Here’s what running a fan account can do for you…

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Everybody gets their daily dose of entertainment and news from Twitter, but the best part is that it puts people in direct contact with one another. Since any user can interact with any other user, it is more than possible for you to make contact with your favorite celebrities. And there are many ways to do so.

2. Creativity is key.

If there’s anything that will get you noticed, it’s originality. Standing out from the crowd will make it more likely that the artist to notice you, and it can also play a huge role in future interactions. For instance, if your Twitter handle is easy to remember or has significance to the artist, there’s a big chance they will remember you. When customizing your profile, take clever to another level and choose eye-catching photos.


Basic profiles are commonly used by spammers or bots. Avoid looking like one by making it a lot less generic and more YOU. Don’t go for a username with 392486 different numbers and a bunch of letters that don’t add up.

Adding an avatar that is either a picture of yourself or a self-made one can make your account stand out and get you noticed in general.


3. Pay attention to what the artist likes.

What does your idol enjoy? Perhaps you two share a big love for cats? Or maybe they are a dog person? What are some of their favourite things? Find out and tweet them about it! There’s a bigger chance that they will reply if you talk to them about something they feel they can answer and start a conversation about.


Just talk to them! Believe it or not, your favourite artists are just like you. They enjoy doing the things that you do too. Everyone loves learning new things about their interests, so if you can intrigue them or make them laugh, you’re doing it right.

If you decide to tweet them about something, make sure you’re adding something valuable to the conversation that is going on and it is very important that you are not being negative or critical.


4. Get inspired

In what way does your favourite star inspire you? Whether it’s acting, singing or golfing (ahem, Niall), what all celebrities have in common is that they are constantly inspired by others. So what better way is there to connect than creating something yourself and letting them know you’ve been inspired? The fact that they have the power to change lives in a good way is what makes what they do worthwhile.

If there is something that artists love, it’s ART. Fanart is a smart way to get your idol’s attention and if it receives a good amount of feedback and lots of support within the fandom, it could reach your idol quickly.

Image credited to Behance 

5. Timing is everything.

Have you ever come home from school or woken up and found out that your favourite artist has done a follow spree or tweet spree and you missed it? This is literally the worst thing that can happen and the pain is unbearable.

If your idol lives abroad or is touring a lot, the smartest way to begin is figuring out the time differences and try to get noticed when they could actually be online. You don’t want to be on your best spam game while they are sleeping or possibly doing a show somewhere.

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6. Watch your tone

Never try to get a response by insulting something your idol has done. The last thing you want to do is ruin your idol’s day or give them a bad vibe. That will decrease your chances of ever getting noticed again.


Being positive is truly one of the most important things and it can take you such a long way. Artists love seeing their fans happy and knowing they have influenced them in a positive way, so learn from them and spread positivity and kindness. What you have put out will eventually come back to you.

7. Don’t stop believing

Understand that even though they sometimes notice the same people, it does not mean they appreciate you any less. And it certainly does not mean it is okay for you to give up on being noticed. Twitter interactions do not truly define their true and never ending love for you and therefore nothing should be seen as competition.


Patience is important. Realising that your favourite stars are busy makes it not only easier for them to feel comfortable with doing things the way they do them, but for you as well. Always keep in mind that they have busy schedules and that they have heaps of things to do such as making videos, acting, traveling or performing, so they don’t have as much time for social networks as we think.

If you try out any of these steps, tweet us @maximumpop! And let us know how they have worked out for you.

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