Zendaya’s hair stylist teaches us how to get the perfect curls we’ve always wanted

When it comes to hair, it’s always a case of wanting what you don’t have. Curly-haired girls reach for the flat iron while straight-haired curls reach for the curling iron. Well, curly ladies, with the help of Zendaya’s hair stylist, it’s time to embrace what you’ve got.

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Zendaya’s stylist spoke with Allure magazine and revealed the top 3 tricks for perfect curls. Here they are:

  1. Weigh down your curls with clips at the end to prevent shrinkage if you want to keep some of your length.
  2. Use your blow dryer’s diffuser attachment to help form curls, but go easy on the power and heat, which can ruin curl formation.
  3. If you need to use rollers to achieve your desired curls, use them after hair is already dry to drastically shorten drying time.

There you have it! The three keys to Zendaya-level curls.

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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