5SOS’s new single ‘Girls Talk Boys’ is out now! Here’s how you can get it to number one

At long last, 5SOS have released their new single, ‘Girls Talk Boys’!


Now that the wait is over, it’s time to get that baby to number one and we’re going to show you how.

1. Buy the song on iTunes


Pretty obvious this one. Just buy the song for 99p and that will contribute to the song’s chart position.

2. Stream it

spotify logo 300

Streams are factored into songs’ chart positions so this is essential if you want to support a song. So, even if you buy the song, be sure to play it on Spotify a bunch of times because every little helps.

SNEAKY TIP: This is cheating a little bit, but you could put the song on repeat and it will help rack up the streams. BUT DO NOT TURN THE VOLUME DOWN ON SPOTIFY BECAUSE IT KNOWS. It’s a clever little server.

3. Shazam it

ShazamAgain. And again. And again. It helps get the song to number one on the Shazam charts which is another big win.

4. Request it on your local radio station!


Radio plays are a big help when it comes to chart positions so tweet them, call them, text them, email them, keep requesting it! Get all your pals to do the same because the more requests a song gets, the better the chance of it being played.

5. Gift it!


Gift your friends the song! If you have a spare 99p, send them the song on iTunes (they have to be in your country though). As a thank you, they should gift you the next song that you want to get to number one 😜

Good luck, 5SOSFAM! Here’s hoping ‘Girls Talk Boys’ is the next number one.

Got any other great ideas to help get ‘Girls and Boys’ to number one? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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