Want to get an album to the top of the charts? We can tell you how to do just that.

So, your favourite artist has just released a brand spanking new album which you bloody love and you want it to get charting pretty high – preferably to number one. Don’t know how? Well, never fear, because WE are here and got some top tips in how you can contribute in magnificent ways to help out your faves.

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Streaming is free and counts as a sale

Even if you’ve bought the album, you can still stream it on Spotify which helps towards the charts and counts as the equivalent of a sale. If you don’t want to listen to it on Spotify, mute your laptop (but NOT Spotify itself) and let it play in the background. BUT REMEMBER – for it to count as a stream

Shazam the shizz out of it!

Shazam each song from the album as this is also tallied up.

If you plan on buying multiple copies of the album, pay for each one SEPARATE

Whether you’re buying for friends and family or for other fans, make sure for each album you purchase, you pay separate or it will be counted as one sale.

Downloaded the album leak before it came out? DELETE IT!


We know some of you may be clever enough to get your mucky paws on the album before it’s even released. Though we don’t condone it, if you do have a copy of it downloaded illegally, DELETE IT NOW. Even if you can’t afford the actual album, you can stream it on Spotify and it helps towards to charts.

Gift the albumPeter Pan

Lots of fans who have saved up extra money have been gifting the album to those who can’t afford it. Whether you’re able to save up and buy for someone else or would like it gifted to you because you can’t afford it, make sure you check out Twitter and get involved with any album gifting projects.

We hope this helps you and inspires you to help get that album to the number one spot on the charts. Good luck!

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