Need your fandom to break the VEVO record? We’ve got all the info you need.

So, your favourite artist has just released a new music video and you want to break the VEVO record. It’s a tough battle to fight, but if you and your fandom unite as a team, you have a great chance of slaying the current record.

tell me how

Before you panic and go off to replay the video over and over, first of all – REFRESH. NOT REPLAY. You need to live by these words if you want to achieve that record, kiddo.

Here’s some tips on how to make your efforts count when breaking the record…

  • Log out of your YouTube account – if you are logged in, you’ll only be counted as one view.
  • Watch the video until the end – Don’t even think about refreshing until that video ends. It’s not counted as an official view until it has completely been, well, viewed.
  • One open ONE tab – VEVO will take away robot views.
  • Do not mute the video – VEVO sees all. If you don’t want the song playing over and over (why not? don’t you LOVE IT?!) then just mute your actual device.
  • DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use a website or anything that automatically replays the video for you – this is known as a robot and VEVO states:

 ” YouTube always makes sure views from robots, spiders and other automated view count gaming tools are removed from their final counts.  Only views from human beings are counted.  YouTube can analyze views that come from humans much quicker than it can from tools designed to trick their player.”

  •  Share on all your social media profiles – Make sure everyone sees the video. Think outside the box and how to attract people from outside the fandom to watch, too.

And remember…

i said refresh not replay

Good luck breaking the record!

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