You’ll never believe how much these dirty pairs of trainers cost

Ripped jeans have been the ‘in thing’ for a while now and more stars are rocking the grungy look than ever before, but some Twitter users think a certain brand is taking the trend a bit too far.


The product in question? These ‘distressed’ trainers being sold at Barneys (which are basically falling apart FYI) and you’ll never believe how much they cost.


For a whopping $620, these Golden Goose Distressed Superstar Sneakers could be yours. Or you could just wear your Primark trainers for a month straight and do the damage yourself tbh.

We’re not really sure who would fork out that amount of money for a pair of dirty shoes that are literally kept together with duct tape, but sometimes the fashion world has a mind of its own.

Pop stars have been doing weird stuff like tearing up their shirts and cutting holes in hats (although there was actually a good reason behind that last one), so should we really be surprised?

At least there’s finally a trend we can work on a budget.

What do you make of these distressed shoes? Ridic or artistic? Let us know with a tweet to @maximumpop.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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