3 ways being a fangirl can get you your dream job

Being a fangirl can be hard, you know. But it can also be pretty rewarding and even help you with applying for jobs and university. “But how?”, we hear you cry. Well, we’re here to help.

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Here’s how you can add being a fangirl to your CV/resume and show them you’re a top-notch candidate for a job or university.

Fan Projects

5SOS European project

Believe it or not, organising a fan project is something that is proof that you have important skills that many employers look for. Successful projects take a lot of time and dedication as well as communication and organisation. Good examples would be the One Direction ‘Bandana Project’ or the 5SOS European project in 2015.

Skills used include:

  • Teamwork – Usually thousands of people get involved so your team ends up being massive.
  • Leadership – If you are the person organising the project you are showing leadership, which is a great skill.
  • Organisation – You have to be organised to pull off a massive project with loads of people involved.
  • Ability to work to deadlines – Whether it’s an actual concert or a specific deadline (depending what your project is), you are showing you are able to work to deadlines.

Get involved in these 5SOS and Little Mix fan projects!

Little Mix Christmas Fan Book 2016


5SOS Project Safety Pin PH


Fan accounts

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 14.33.19Running a big fan account is also something that takes skill. There’s a lot of people who rely on these big accounts, including fans and sometimes even the media!

Skills used include:

As well as the skills from fan projects, there’s also:

  • Research– When it comes to finding things out you guys are experts. It takes a lot of effort to research venues, info about events and stories.
  • Communication– Whether it’s speaking to fans or talking to websites like us, communication is key.
  • Marketing – When you’re promoting the artist’s new music/products/project, that’s a step in the marketing direction, which is a valuable skill for some jobs.

Fan stores

Running a store on ‘Etsy’ or somewhere similar also provides you with skills that are admired by employees. As well as many of the skills previously mentioned, there’s even more found in running a fan store.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 13.29.31

Skills used include:

  • Creativity– Creating your products is the key element to your creativity skill, but also any ways you choose to advertise your products can come under creativity
  • Time-keeping – You have deadlines as to when you need your products made and ready to sell.
  • Responsibility– You are responsible for your store.

So, when it comes to writing your CV/resume, make sure you include these skills and don’t be afraid to add in any experience you’ve had. If you’re not too keen on putting “I run a 1D fan account” down, then you could word it as “I have run a popular social media account as an outlet for a popular musician’s fans, providing information, updates and answering any queries.”

Who would have thought fangirling would have seriously good benefits? Go on and take the world by storm, you beautiful human being.

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