How @1DWhereAbout got 250,000 Twitter followers updating fans of One Direction

From bossy managers, incredible video directors and powerful record labels to the influential fans like @1DWhereAbout, Making The Star is Maximum Pop!’s brand new series of articles featuring the people off-stage and out of the limelight that help make your favourite band and artists a massive success. @1DWhereAbout keeps 250,000 fans of One Direction in the know. Here’s how they do it.

Account: @1DWhereAbout
Followers: 254K
Account owners: Tram – 15 from LA, CA
Amy – 16 from Yorkshire, UK
Srav – 17 from Fremont, CA

Why did you set up this account?
(Amy) I wanted to set up my own account so I could help people to meet the boys. In 2011 the help of other update accounts meant I met the boys, and I wanted people to be able to have the same experience as Idid!

When did you set it up? How did it start?
I set the account up on 16th March 2012. I’d never done anything like this before so it was strange! I originally started on my own, a few months later Srav and Tram joined! They were able to update while the boys were in America as they were in the same time zone. I really appreciate all of their work for the account, they’re great!!

What type of updates do you post?
We post almost everything! We post mostly photos of where they have been sighted as it can then lead some fans to their location so they can meet them. When the boys fly to other countries fans also like to try and meet them at the airport. We’ve had some fans be insiders for us and when they get to meet them it’s such a great feeling! We never post hotel information though – I think it’s important to let them have some privacy too.

How do all the owners share work / work together?
We all share information through DM so we know somehow it won’t get leaked! I have a different timezone to them so it can sometimes be difficult but I’d say we work pretty well together!

Where do you get content from and how do you get it first?
There are so many sources of information and all the accounts want to post it first! I usually come across information unexpectedly when I’m browsing onmy personal account. It’s crazy how many links come across when you aren’t trying to find anything!

You have lots of followers – how did you promote the account?
It’s hard when you first start off because you are competing against loads of other accounts. It’s hard to get quoted for information too. I guess some accounts take advantage of the fact that you only have 50 followers. Once you start speaking to some big accounts they quote your information and you gain followers that way!

I have no idea how we got over 250 THOUSAND though! Crazy!

Do you know any tips for creating a fan account?
I’d say just be yourself. People like when they can relate to someone and soon enough people will recognise you! I must admit I love reading sassy tweets!!!

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