Shiels, Student Body Chair and heroine of ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’, interviews Pyke the pterodactyl

As soon as we first heard about Alan Cumyn’s outrageous new novel ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’, we were 100% intrigued. Who’s the pterodactyl? Why is he in a high school? How does that even WORK? Shiels, heroine of ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’ and Vista View High’s Student Body Chair, is here to interview Pyke (the pterodactyl) and get some answers!

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Shiels: What was it like growing up in the late Cenozoic?
Pyke: Tuv plece, ede ur be eden. But plenny fiszh. Sory not zo Engliz yet.

Shiels: What brought you to Vista View High?
Pyke: Crowz! Herd wind. Then zaw the zhous.

Shiels: Zhous? Shoes? Hard to miss your fascination for a particular cross-country star in yellow runners. Any comments on your romance with Jocelyne Legault? Who made the first move?
Pyke: Big landz hard on her krii! Hey! Hey!

Shiels: Any comment on the wave of pterodactyl dreams everybody seems to be having these days? What do you dream about?
Pyke: Fiszh. Girlzs. Krii! Krii!

Shiels: Down boy. Hey! Is that crimson crest indicative of anything? I have to tell you I am with somebody at the moment…

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