This is why you should be sad that Honey G has left ‘The X Factor’

Those words will be leaving few people lips in the wake of Honey G‘s elimination on ‘The X Factor’ on Sunday.

More like… “When I say good, you say riddance. Good. Riddance”


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Honey G is possibly one of the most divisive contestants on ever to have appeared on ‘The X Factor’, but she is also arguably one of the most memorable, and that is important for a show which has been failing to produce the goods for quite a few years now.

The reason that ‘The X Factor UK’ has sustain a pretty sizeable audience all these years is because it has built its reputation on the success of internationally renowned pop acts such as One Direction, Leona Lewis and Little Mix, who have become some of the most bankable pop acts since the turn of the century.


Other versions of ‘The X Factor’ in other countries have failed to produce superstars and have consequently fallen by the wayside. The only act of any note to appear from an international version is Fifth Harmony, but by the time 5H’s ship started to build steam this year it was already too late to save ‘The X Factor US’.

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But the problem is that ‘The X Factor UK’ has failed to produce any proper pop stars for the last four years. The biggest success to have come out of the last four seasons is Ella Henderson and, for all the success of her debut single ‘Ghost’, she never properly followed it up with another genuine smash.

2012 winner James Arthur had a rocky road since his coronation. He has only just begun to reestablish himself this year with a number one single and album, but he has yet to score a proper transatlantic hit like 1D or Leona.


When we discount these two are left with erstwhile winners Sam Bailey and Ben Haenow, who have both faded into obscurity, and Louisa Johnson and Fleur East, who have yet to make a lasting mark on the music industry.

It seems that ‘The X Factor’ machine is not what it used to be, and that’s why things need a shake up. Honey G could be just what was needed. Anyone who denies the power of a novelty act is not a true pop fan, and what business does a person who doesn’t like pop have watching ‘The X Factor’?

And really, ‘The X Factor’ has always been more than just a singing competition. Its predecessor ‘Pop Idol’ was just that, but ‘The X Factor’ was always billed as a search for someone with that special something.


The simple fact of the matter is that, you can call Honey G talentless, you can call her fake, and you can call her insulting to more serious musicians, but you can’t take away the fact that she was much more entertaining than some of the other singers wailing a dreary ballad. No-one can deny that everyone paid attention when Honey G took to that stage.

Pop music is not meant to be taken completely seriously. That’s just one side of it and, an equally valid side is made up of the fun, silly acts like Honey G, Jedward and Wagner. There is a lot of snobbery in the pop world when really pop is about inclusivity – we accept all the oddbods and weirdos and send them to the top of the charts on the reg. As Simon Cowell would so quaintly put it, they’re “bonkers”, but the beauty of pop is that it’s meant to be a little bit bonkers.


At the end of the day, like her or loathe her, Honey G will be the one who ends up smelling of roses. Apparently bosses are already planning her debut single. Heck, she may even rock up on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ or ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’ in a few years time.

Stranger things have happened, but few stranger than Honey G.

Let us know your opinion on whether Honey G will be a success after the competition using the comments box below.

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