They’re the Punk A$$ Kids alright! Hollywood Ending unveil brand spankin’ new music video

We’re the punk ass kids that your momma warned ya about..

We love a bit of Hollywood Ending here at MP! so can you imagine our excitement when we heard about the new music video for ‘Punk A$$ Kids’?

excited baby gif

Super catchy tune with a super fun music video. What’s not to love? And we’re totally not jealous of the girls playing spin the bottle with the lads either… Nope. The track has a bit of an old school Busted vibe about it with an added rap in the middle. We approve.

So what do you think? We feel like we’ve just had a concert right here in the office and joined in with their crazy antics.

‘Punk A$$ Kids’ is the lead single from their latest EP which you can buy here.

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Written by Gemma Calvert

Gemma loves Jedward, but don't hold that against her. This whizz kid has been on Maximum Pop! for over a year and manages the MP! social channels, in English that means she's the boss of our Twitter and Facebook. She works all hours for nothing much than hugs and cookies. Say hello to her on Twitter.

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