10 stupid questions with Hollywood Ending! Burping, bonsai trees and melon-catching with The Janoskians

From burping on demand, to bonsai trees and melon-catching with The Janoskians, welcome to the world of upcoming pop punk band Hollywood Ending. Brace yourselves, Tyler, Cameron, Danny and Chris are about to become your new obsession. Ahead of our exclusive preview of their new single ‘Freak Like Me’ tomorrow, we had a chat with the YouTube sensations. And here it is.

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How would you describe your sound in three words?

Chris: Pop rock music :)
Tyler: Danceable, Rockable, and Original!
Cameron: Pop, rock, 2.0.
Dan: Rock… energetic…. catchy :)

What makes Hollywood Ending the next big thing?

Chris: We go HAM on stage, and we have a ginger in our band!
Tyler: Theres a lot of BS out there these days and i think we stay away from it. We’re just a bunch of friends that are making music that we really like and think is cool. It can appeal to a very diverse crowd from the young teeny-bopper to the college rocker!
Cameron: With our new songs, we are one of the only bands that song-write and self-produce our music. Because of this, we have 100% creative control over everything we make, so really we’re making music that we would want to listen to as fans.
Dan: We’re just always trying to have fun, never taking ourselves too seriously, never try to follow a mould of anything and love music more than anything!

Your new single is called ‘Freak Like Me’, but do you have any freakish talents?

Chris: I can blow bubbles out my mouth and uni-cycle like a bad ass hahaha.
Tyler: I can burp real loud on command! ;P
Cameron: I think one of my “freakish” talents would be my ability to get sick every single tour we go on. It’s not much of a good talent to have, but it’s definitely freakish and true.
Dan: I can see the future :) (not even kidding)

If you could have a Hollywood ending with any Hollywood starlet, who would it be and why?

Chris: If the Olsen twins count as one person then it’s gotta be them ;)
Tyler: Maybe Nina Dobrev, she seems like a babe!
Cameron: Oh man, haha I would probably choose Hayden Panettiere, because she’s perfect.
Dan: Avril Lavigne! but I think she’s married so…

In your ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ music video, you’re dressed as superheroes. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Chris: I’d definitely love to be able to teleport, life would be sick.
Tyler: I would want to fly.
Cameron: Well besides my awesome ability to make my eyes glow and force people to dance, I would probably choose to be able to fly.
Dan: That’s tough, honestly I’d want my power from the music video which is to be able to set things on fire with my mind.

Did the anonymous tweeter on the band account (Chris) manage to find himself a pair of man uggs? If not, why not create them yourself? We think Hollywood End-uggs sounds like a hit.

Cameron: Chris.
Chris: Lol actually ordered mine last night so I’ll be chilling in them on the Freaks and Geeks tour.
Tyler: I got a pair for Christmas! Chris and I are gonna be rocking ’em on this upcoming US tour!
Dan: That would be the sickest merch item ever, miiiight just need to have them on our next tour.


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Your upcoming tour is called the ‘Freaks & Geeks’ tour, but who within the band is a freak and who is a geek?

Chris: Good question, I would definitely classify as a freak… to be honest we are all pretty freaky and geeky… lava lamps… mario kart… bonsai trees… we got it.
Tyler: I think me and Dan are Freaks and Cam and Chris are geeks! Dan and I were never the coolest kids in school, we were kinda weird haha. Chris and Cam just love movies, Star Wars and video games all too much hahaha GEEKS.
Cameron: I would say, I’m definitely more of a geek, along with Dan. Chris and Tyler sway more to the “Freak” side. Though we all are a bit freaky and geeky deep down.
Dan: Umm.. we’re honestly all freaks, and we’re all geeks, we’re probably the weirdest group of kids ever once you get to know us.

You recently went on tour with the Janoskians, well known for their crazy internet antics. Did anyone get up to anything mischievous with the Janoskian boys?

Chris: We had a laugh!
Tyler: Hahaha just some good clean after show hotel fun :)
Cameron: I don’t think there was a time when we all weren’t doing something mischievous with the Janoskians… Whether it was taking off clothes on stage or just destroying our hotel rooms. They are definitely the most fun/crazy people we’ve ever had the pleasure to tour with.
Dan: We go to their house a lot and we play catch with a melon for hours on end and call it “silent ball”… pretty mischievous I’d say.

You’ve said that you went through hundreds of bad names before choosing Hollywood Ending as your band name. Care to share some of those bad names with us?

Chris: Byrdman actually suggested ‘Go Getter’ which I thought was pretty tight, but the lads already had the name before I came along.
Tyler: Hahaha oh no no no I don’t! We had a big list of bad names I’ve forced out of my memory!!
Cameron: I think one of them started with “Bubblegum” or something ridiculous. I also personally loved ‘Go Getter’, but the guys were not so into it haha.
Dan: Those names will never be shared with the world because they were too terrible!! hahhaha.

Lastly, why should your fans buy ‘Freak Like Me’?

Chris: The fans should buy the new single because it’s kinda a new era for the band, and I definitely think that comes across in the track… we are getting to terms with our sound :) and d money and I are singing on it !! haha.
Tyler: They would be missing out on a really fun, catchy song if they didn’t! It’s the first time we’ve all got our vocals on a track together!
Cameron: Although it is a catchy, upbeat song that is really fun to blast in your car speakers, it’s still different from anything we’ve ever put out. It’s almost like a sneak peak at our next album and everything we’ve been working on “behind the scenes” for the past few months. It’s definitely one of my favourites.
Dan: It’s the first song (of many) we’ve written and produced by ourselves, 100% Hollywood Ending, it’s the first song I sing lead vocals on, its gonna be awesome :)


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You can check out an exclusive preview of Hollywood Ending’s brand new single ‘Freak Like Me’, right here on Maximum Pop! tomorrow at 1pm. Already in love? Get closer to these handsome chaps on their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Teen Events.

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