MP! Reviews: 5 things you learn at a Hollywood Ending gig.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Hollywood Ending on their final UK tour. Although it’s sad that they are splitting up, I’m pretty sure they will remain great friends and hopefully will continue with music.

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I’m going to tell you what I learned from my experience:
1. They are extremely lovely people, I had a meet and greet as well as the ice cream party package, and they made sure everyone was involved and complemented everyone there.
2. They act silly, whether it was hitting each other with blow up hammers or wearing a massive sombrero, they always knew how to make each other (and us!) laugh.

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3. They love Nandos! All they ever talk about when they are asked what they love to eat is Nandos, I’m pretty sure they went there after the show!
4. They love bringing up random songs in the show! We sung the Spice Girls, High School Musical and Stacy’s Mom, and they even confessed that the dance moves in their video of the ‘Boyband Song’ are from the High School Musical dance.

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5. They’re great at entertaining! Not one person of the audience was bored during their set, they get the crowd involved and put on a killer show!

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I wish them all the luck in the future and hopefully they will come back to the UK very soon!

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