Feminism, tropes and road trips: A Q&A with Holly Bourne, author of ‘How Hard Can Love Be?’

Holly Bourne’s ‘Spinster Club’ trilogy has taken the UKYA world by storm so we had a few questions for Holly following the release of book two, ‘How Hard Can Love Be?’. 

how hard can love be1. Tell us what ‘How Hard Can Love Be?’ is all about in the length of a tweet.

Amber spends a summer in an American camp, learning about the easy and hard kinds of love. Also feminism. Also the philosophy of Winnie the Pooh.

2. If you could invite 3 women to join your Spinster Club, who would they be? Caitlin Moran, because her book changed my life. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, because the episode ‘Chosen’ inspired the whole trilogy. Malala, because she’d brings wisdom and class.

3. Would you rather go on a road trip with Amber, Lottie or Evie? Why? Ahhh! So hard. Well, not Evie, for her own sake, because she’d probably find a road trip quite difficult to be honest. Umm, Amber’s already gotten to go on one. So, I guess Lottie. I would learn a lot… it would also be EXHAUSTING.

station eleven4. Which book would you like to force into everyone’s hands? It’s not YA, but ‘Station Eleven’. Seriously, I should get commission for how many copies of that book I’ve hand-sold. It’s beautiful and amazing.

5. Are there any YA cliches that drive you a bit bonkers? I really, really hate the word ‘trope’ when it comes to discussing books, especially YA books. To me, it reeks of judgement and, often, cliches are cliches for a reason – because people enjoy them! The one thing that does get me though, is the romanticisation of abusive relationships in some YA romance books. Edward Cullen is abusive, sorry. He is!

6. Best piece of advice on love you have ever received? He’s just not that into you :)

Holly Bourne7. Because we all want to see where the magic happens, could you send us a pic of where you write? I wrote the entire Spinster Club trilogy on my commute into London. Here is my view, with my favourite commuter-buddy Mr I-Can’t-Handle-The-World-Today.

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Thank you for answering our questions, Holly! Have you read ‘How Hard Can Love Be?’ yet? Let us know what you thought @maximumpopbooks! 


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