Interview: We spoke to Holli Dempsey about her new role in ‘The Aliens’

We had a little bit of chit and a little bit of chat with the lovely Holli Dempsey. We spoke about her role in the new E4 show ‘The Aliens‘.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the show? 

It’s based on a premise of 40 years ago, a spaceship full of aliens crash landed in our world. And from there, there has been a sort of apartheid situation. And there’s this big wall built, on one side is Troy and humans on the other side. It sounds a bit wild, and a bit out there but it’s actually really quite relatable because they look exactly the same as the humans.

There isn’t that much difference at all from the aliens to the humans. And in that there’s this sort of underworld called Troy where all the aliens live, it’s very ghetto, very burnt out, people roam the streets. It’s terrifying. And the aliens all have to live there, they’re forced to live there. And in that there’s a lot of drugs, this drug world, a lot of crime going on naturally which happens in those impoverished areas.

It’s a constant battle between the humans and the aliens, and the aliens aren’t inherently bad they are just very different. And with that comes problems.

Who is your character and what can we expect from her?

My characters called Holly, same name as me but with a Y! I play Lewis’ (Michael Socha) sister. She’s a bit off the wall to be honest. She’s got a son that she loves but she’s probably not the best mother on paper. She’s into drugs, selling them, taking them. She’s such a fun character to play though, she’s got a lot about her and she’s quite different from her brother.

Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like working with Michael Socha and Michaela Coel?

I’ve known Michaela since I was about 15, so we’ve worked together before. It was really exciting to know. I think I went in for a fitting and I saw her face on the wall and just got really excited, because we’re working together, finally! It’s been ages since we worked together, so that was nice.

And yeah Michael’s brilliant as well. He’s a good lad, and he’s great to have around because I was trying to have an accent similar to him. (Hopefully it was somewhere close!)

Just a great fun bunch of people. And really fresh, young, you know they’ve got great CVs behind them. But some people won’t know who they are, so I’m excited for them to have another launch in their careers.


Was it fun being on set?

It was definitely fun, we had a few weeks in London. And my experience was so different because the story was such a big one, and there were so many characters involved. We started from day one together. And then we were all in Bulgaria, and it put us all in the same boat. It was an interesting place to be.

You were recently in the film ‘Dad’s Army’, can you tell us the differences between working in film and TV?

There wasn’t as many as I thought actually, I thought it was going to be a completely different ball game. There’s a little bit more time on films I think. The idea is hopefully they have a little bit more money and time to spend. And with ‘Dad’s Army’ it was so rushed because I was doing ‘Derek’ in London at the same time, so every night I was on the train back and forth. I didn’t really get the chance to immerse myself, which is a shame that we couldn’t have a bit of space between them.

Obviously the show is set in Troy, where all the aliens live. If you had to live there, what would you do to survive? 

Oooh I think you’d have to make yourself look as scary as possible. Just blend in with everyone, everyone looks like you’d be terrified of them. So yeah, my first thing is look scary.

What would you do if you were abducted by aliens?

I’d hope I’ve got a pen and paper with me. Hope they’re not violent, which I don’t think they would be. I think they’d just be interested. I’d swap info with them. I’d want to know where they’ve come from, what it’s like, what the weather’s like. Yeah I’d just be fascinated , I’d be capturing them I think.

Join Holli and ‘The Aliens’ in the weird and wonderful world of Troy, starting on Tuesday 8th March at 9pm only on E4!


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