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This is the High School Musical duet we’ve waited 11 years to see. Life complete.

2017 is already proving to be the best year ever.

So, Ed Sheeran‘s releasing music in two days and Dodie Clark is about to take over the world. What on earth was 2016?! 2017 is already waaaaay better, and we’re only four days in – just wait until you see this. Ready?

Okay, good. Are you following Ashley Tisdale’s YouTube channel? You may want to start now because last night she shared one of the most surprising duets with her best friend, VANESSA HUDGENS. I.e., Gabriella Montez i.e., Sharpay and Gabriella. Watch below!

It turns out Ashley’s had a YouTube channel for quite a long time and has been posting covers, different versions of her own music and sharing parts of her life with a vlog. Who knew? We just can’t get over that she called Vanessa her best friend. And also that her husband is in the video, because it’s so easy to forget that she is actually about 30 now. Crazy… All we can say is: when is the reunion, people?!

Obviously, every social media platform Ashley had went crazy.

However, our favourite comment was actually found on YouTube.

There are quite a few comments about their toes and now it’s been pointed out to us, we totally can’t unsee it. Now, neither can you.

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What do you think of their duet? Are there any other songs you’d like them to sing? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Their voices combined are like liquid gold. This makes me kind of sad they never got their own duet in HSM, though. Maybe it’s time for a new film? ;)

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