Meet the characters from ‘High-Rise’, Tom Hiddleston looks hot as per.

Lets take a trip to 1975 where Tom Hiddleston is already a fully fledged adult living in a ‘High-Rise’ apartment in London. Sounds like a dream right?

giphy (34)

Things take an interesting turn in ‘High-Rise’ as the characters become isolated in the building, social norms no longer exist and things become violent very quickly.

tumblr_o0l89yAOig1rau7hjo1_500We’ve got some posters of the characters for you to check out. Have a look and get to know them a bit more…





Some interesting characters there and look at the cute dog. ‘High-Rise’ is set to be released in UK cinemas March 18th. Will you be watching? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop

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