It’s official – 5SOS have remembered they have a record label and things are happening! Huzzah!

Get excited! Something’s happening! What’s that? We don’t know but something is!

Remember last year 5SOS announced they were creating a record label ‘Hi or Hey Records’? And then it was never spoken of again? Well it has now! The lads have been posting the logos on their social media accounts and linking us to this website. OOOOOOH.

okay its happening

While nothing has actually been mentioned yet, the website features a newsletter sign up, an artists  section (with only 5SOS under there right now) and even a “demo submission” where unsigned artists can email the record label their music. Budding musicians, get sending now! Imagine 5SOS being your version of Simon Cowell? It’s only a matter of time until they take over the music industry…


Well, we’re just on the edge of our seats waiting for an announcement… any day now… any day…

What do you think? Excited? Know any unsigned artists 5SOS should take under their wing? Let’s chat about it over on @maximumpop

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