We chatted to Hey Violet about fuqbois, their YouTuber BFF and 5SOS

In case you haven’t heard of them yet (FYI you definitely will be hearing of them in the future so get clued up now), Hey Violet are a super exciting four-piece band from California who have toured with 5SOS two years in a row and are currently slaying the charts with their new EP ‘Brand New Moves’.

We caught up with lead singer Rena to talk about selfies, hashtags, going make-up free and 5SOS!


Hi Rena! Thanks for meeting with us! We wanted to talk about the new EP ‘Brand New Moves’. Do you believe this is a brand new direction for the band?

It definitely is a new direction and I think you can hear it from our first EP to this one. ‘I Can Feel It’ was a lot more guitar-driven and this one’s a lot more synth-driven and it has big 80’s drums, which you can hear in ‘Fuqboi’. You can just feel the synth-inspiration throughout, we’re really relying more on Miranda’s part. She is keys and synth so she’s got a lot more to do.

Miranda ain’t getting off lightly. Speaking of ‘Fuqboi’, that’s actually our fave on the EP. Is it written about a personal experience?

There’s a person who comes to mind when I sing it, yeah. But I think it goes for all the fuckboys. You see them on Instagram and literally all their posts are selfies.

Why do you think the phenomenon of the “fuckboy” has come about?

It’s definitely become more common recently. My personal reasoning for why it came about is Instagram increasing the frequency of selfies and looking at each yourself. Fuckboys use it as a platform to show off their “hot bods”. It’s like, what are you doing?

Where did the inspiration for your name come from and why did you decide to change it from Cherri Bomb?

The name change came about because we needed a fresh start. We got a new member and wanted to go in a different direction, more pop, which you can hear on the new EP. The new name came about after we sifted through about 500 options. No kidding. We had some terrible names, one of them was “Toast”. I was so delirious after searching for so long and so hungry that I was completely down for it.

One moment of madness and you could have been toast forever.


So what prompted the more towards pop?

We wanted to reach a broader audience. We want to be mainstream because it’s a great thing to be. You reach more people and that’s what we wanna do #goals.

What did you learn from supporting 5SOS on the ‘ROWYSO’ and ‘SLFL’ tours?


On ‘ROWYSO’ tour we learned to be more outgoing. The boys really brought that out in us. They’re all very loud and have a great energy and I think that helped us to be ourselves all the time.

And do you hang out with them still a lot?

Oh yeah, pretty much every day on tour. Especially, Ashton and Cal will just come and hang in our dressing room. Sometimes we’ll go out and jam. There’s a little drum set, synths, guitar and bass set up backstage.

Does this mean that there’s a collab on the way?

Oh my gosh I haven’t really thought of it. That would be really fun. We’re definitely not opposed to doing one.


What’s it like to be in a band with your sister?

It’s pretty fun. We have this sister bond where we just look at each other and we can tell if each other is alright. It’s a telepathic thing. We fight sometimes but we just get over it within five minutes, but we don’t fight about boys anymore. It’s about silly stuff like food haha.

Who is the most rebellious one in the band?

I think it’d be me. I don’t really like to take orders, but then again neither does Nia. We like doing the exact opposite of what everyone wants us to do.

If you could be a boy for a day what’s the first thing you would do?

I’d solve the great debate of whether it’s more painful to give birth or be kicked in the crotch.

Thank you for using your powers for good. Recently celebs like Alicia Keys didn’t wear make-up to the VMAs. Would you ever not wear make up to an award ceremony?


Yes definitely. The less work i have to put in the better. It’s also such a statement of women feeling comfortable in their own skin rather than having to pile on three pounds of make-up when they go out. This is coming from someone who loves to do make-up and use their face as a canvas, but women shouldn’t be afraid to show their own natural skin.

Who is your favourite YouTuber and why do you love them so much?

I just became good friends with this Youtuber called Rachel Levin. She and I have been going back and forth on Twitter. We bonded over Veggie Grill which is this vegan fast-food place. Food is a universal language.


If you could get one hashtag trending about Hey Violet what would it be?

Probably #SelfiesForHeyViolet because I love to see the different fans we have. The fans have done it before when they’ve sent in selfies with hashtags like #HeyVioletMadeMeFeelMoreConfident and it’s so empowering for them. We love it.

Maybe you could do a #NoMakeUpSelfiesForHeyViolet?

Yeah, I love that!

You previously mentioned that you love playing ‘Werewolf’ on tour. Could you explain the game to our readers?

OMG yes we love playing ‘Werewolf’. We must have been playing it every night of the first tour. Basically, there’s a bunch of villagers and you have to find out who the werewolves are and you get to play different characters.

Amazing! Leading on from that, would you survive a horror film?

Oh definitely. The main characters always trip over nothing and seriously just don’t go to investigate any creepy sounds. Just leave the house, OK?

We’ll make sure we follow that advice if we ever find ourselves in a Halloween special. Thanks for talking to us, Rena! 

Hey Violet’s new EP ‘Brand New Moves’ is out to buy and stream right now! You can also check out their exclusive Tuesday Tunes picks for MP! right here.


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