If Hermione had Snapchat

We all wish we were at Hogwarts, right? Duh. Only problem is: how would we survive without wifi?!

We’ve already seen the hilarity of what would happen if Harry had an iPhone and 3G, but what would Hermione on Snapchat have been like? We found out.

1. She’d be snapping away before the train had even left Kings Cross


Because, duh, she’s excited to get back to Hogwarts. We don’t blame her. Hogwarts or boring Muggle high school? Hardly a dilemma to choose between.

2. And she’d even be snapping about all the cool Wizarding things she loves too


Quills might be 478% more annoying than using a biro to write with but it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Hermione was the kind of person who didn’t care at all because helllooooo… #aesthetic.

3. She’d use it to campaign


Everyone is pretty tired of her 10 minute long Snapchat story trying to enlighten the student populace about house elf cruelty.

4. And complain


Let’s be real, Hermione is a good student but even she’s at her wits end when it comes to Trelawney.

5. And fill her story with cats


Crookshanks is bae.

6. Of course, the rest of our faves would make occasional appearances


7. And, no surprise, some would be recurring faces


8. She’d remind everyone they should be reading and doing homework at the weekends


And be the only one that not mind spending a Saturday tucked up in the Gryffindor common room rather than livin’ it up in Hogsmeade.

9. We’d even get to see behind-the-scenes of what life at the Burrow is really like


Let’s be real, we all know Ron is the messiest wizard going. This is 200% what his room looks like.

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Let us know in the comments who you’d like to see Snapchat-ified next.

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