Here’s why Mixers and Harmonizers should stop roasting each other and learn to get along

It’s always a great moment when you get an invitation for a party (unless you’re Alessia Cara…) But something about these 2016 parties has made us decide to stay at home and listen to our introvert playlist.


It’s not us, it’s the parties themselves that stink, among the worst have been:



Wait a minute, how come all these parties celebrate pop stars’ downfalls?

Don’t we all listen to Taylor‘s ‘Shake It Off’ and dance around our living rooms singing into our hairbrushes? Who hasn’t at least hummed along to Justin‘s summer jams ‘Cold Water’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ this summer?

So why are we so quick to profess that they are “over’ if we continue buying, streaming and enjoying their music? What is this new trend of pitting fandoms against fandoms on Twitter? When did it become acceptable to publicly tear down other people’s work?

There’s nothing wrong with belonging to a fandom and being proud of that fact, but it doesn’t mean that you need to tear down others in order to show your dedication. In fact, it’s doing the artists a disservice to big up your fave at the expense of someone else’s. Music should be about mutual respect. The artists themselves show it, so why can’t their fans?

Last night this hashtag started trending on UK Twitter #MixersEndedHarmonizersParty and that’s when we knew the party had gone too far.

Sorry but this is the definition of taking sides.

Apparently the whole thing started as a reply to #5HEndedLM hashtag, which just makes our heart sink even further. Then Directioners and Beliebers decided to get involved.

Well, that was helpful. I bet all these people have listened to LM or 5H singles and loved them. LOVED THEM. But they are so quick to tear them down.

Of course, this is a truly unique phenomenon to Twitter. It has given people a voice by uniting fandoms from every corner of the earth. This is a fantastic thing. It allows us to create fan projects, discuss our love for a particular artist with other fans and even reach out to our idols. But some people are abusing this privilege.

We need to remember that the people we are “ending” are actual human beings. Little Mix are actual people. Fifth Harmony are just normal girls trying to live the dream. Imagine if thousands of people took to social media to “end” you? Wouldn’t you feel personally victimised?

What we cant understand is how fandoms can be so caring for their own, yet completely disconnected from other artists. When Camila was suffering from anxiety issues and had to leave the stage last weekend Harmonizers rushed to her support. But then they are capable of vicious attacks on other artists. This is not war. This is pop. And pop is made to be enjoyed.

How social media proved that stars like Zoella and Camila are flawsome, just like us


Of course, there are loads of people who have the right attitude towards these “over parties”.

Yes pancake! That’s the only party we want to be invited to.

You can definitely be a Harmonizer and a Mixer and here’s the proof


Basically, we just need more of these supportive hashtags like #PositivityForCamila and less #MixersEndedHarmonizersParty. If you agree tweet us @maximumpop with the hashtag #TheOverPartyIsOverParty.

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Written by David Farrell

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