Here’s why everything you thought about Instagram was a lie

You seriously won’t believe it

Our Instagram obsession is still going strong. We could easily spend a good few hours creeping on our friends and our faves. (And we totally do, tbh…) But it’s so easy to get caught up in how easy and shiny and FUN everyone else’s lives are. It can really put you in a mood.

Especially when you’ve just gobbled down a heaving Sunday lunch and people are posing on beaches in teeny bikinis. It can really deliver a stab to your self-esteem.

Blogger Sara Puhto has basically done us all a favour and revealed those snaps for what they really are – a total lie.

The Instagrammer who has over 60k followers has posted a series of Instas exposing the transformation her body goes under with the right light, pose and filters. Seriously, you’ve got to see it.

24 hour transformation photo- Christmas edition 🎅🏽🎄 First photo was taken in the morning after waking up. The second photo was 8 hours after the first and after eating a whole bunch of delicious Christmas food and a having a few drinks. And the third was taken 24 hours after, just after waking up, no workout in between these photos and no flexing/sucking my tummy in. I’m sorry these photos look kind of cringe, they’re taken from my least flattering angle 😂 I know a lot of people are afraid to eat a lot and eat unhealthy when they’re working out and trying to lose weight because they think it’ll hinder their progress. I wanted to post this photo to show that it’s okay if you eat a huuge amount of food because your body will bounce back from it, your tummy will go down but it’s also normal to be bloated after a large unhealthy meal because you will have water retention. But it won’t ruin your months of progress. It’s always good to treat yourself to a meal and not be thinking about fitness and dieting 24/7, life is too short for that, so don’t skip out on foods that make you happy. Do not restrict and feel guilty about eating a lot or certain foods. Food is meant to fuel you, not make you upset and fitness is a lifestyle where you will have ups and downs. Nobody has the perfect body all the time. So treat yoself and feel good!! Also never restrict your food or workout for hours after a cheat meal. Don’t beat yourself up about it because there’s no reason to, you’ve done nothing wrong. I hope you all had an absolutely lovely Christmas with your loved ones ☺️🌴

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We love how honest and open Sara’s being about this – it’s so important for someone with such a large platform and influence to share the body positivity. We strongly believe in being proud of what you’ve got and we’re so glad there are people out there who are promoting the same thing. Punishing yourself for eating or for not looking your best at a certain angle will just make you feel worse.

“Food is meant to fuel you, not make you upset and fitness is a lifestyle where you will have ups and downs. Nobody has the perfect body all the time. So treat yoself and feel good!!”

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We’re totally championing Sara’s outlook on her body and the world tbh. And it takes serious bravery to share the honest, real pics when you have the shiny photoshopped ones at your disposal.

Photoshop vs reality 🙅🏼🌿 For as long as I remember, I’ve wanted a curvy, tiny waist. I just wanted to look like every other girl I’ve seen. It’s been horribly hard going through life hating what I see in the mirror, wishing I could change something about myself that I know will never change and it’s annoying to see things like ‘waist trainers’ being promoted in the world because I know they don’t really work and I’d never be able to use one anyway cause it would mess up the titanium in my spine. I’ve made a decision a few months ago to stop thinking about what I want to change and love the body I have, including my biggest insecurities. Instead of striving for a certain body goal through working out, I just workout because it makes me feel amazing and let the results come, when and if they come. I’ve wanted to post this for a long time but haven’t felt like I had a photo of my body from the front where I genuinely felt happy with the way I looked and liked the photo on the left more than the photoshopped one on the right. It sounds cheesy but I honestly think it’s because I finally accept my insecurities and now feeling like I’m loving them. It’s good to look unique and you should be happy about the things that make you look unique. There’s no point in going through life hating yourself because it’s exhausting. So rather than having the ‘perfect’ body type in your mind, because perfect doesn’t exists, focus on the best you you can be. Trust me you’ll be so much happier. Yes I still have bad days where I feel self conscious but the difference now is that I bounce back from it sooner! Because I know that the way I view myself isn’t how other people view me and as they say you’re your own worst critic. So stop being so harsh on yourself because YOU are beautiful. I decided to use a photoshopped picture of myself, of what I wanted to look like because I didn’t want to use a picture of someone else and compare my body to theirs. To some this might not look like a big difference but in the past these curves were what I thought would make me feel feminine which was a big deal and made a huge difference to me. Anyway I hope you this helps some of you ☺️💕

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Sara shares her encouraging words on body positive, food and exercise and she’s generally just a force for good.

“So stop being so harsh on yourself because YOU are beautiful.”

Preach, girl!

Do you forget that people edit their photos for Instagram? 


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  1. I loved this article but instead of reading it and feeling better about myself, I read it and thought “now I know how to get the best Instagram photos!” hahaha. I am 110% all about the filtered life.

  2. I think it’s so easy to be lured in by what looks like a “candid” and “natural” kind of photo when in reality it isn’t. I remember when I started surfing and I’d look at all these other girl surfers on instagram and be like “why doesn’t it look like that when I’m wrestling with my wetsuit?” They do themselves and the wider community a disservice by selling an unobtainable goal. I think there is something incredibly beautiful about Sara Puhto. She’s strong, she obviously looks after her body, but she ain’t what instagram would call “perfect”.

    I think she’s perfect though. We need to stop trying to sell ourselves as something we’re not.

  3. It’s so easy to fall into that trap of making your photo Instagram worthy with the availability of so many filters. But it’s also so easy to forget that we are humans after all and our flaws are what make us beautifully unique. Adding filters to our photos is almost second nature, after reading this I’m definitely going make more of a conscious effort to post a least a couple of unedited photos on my IG.

  4. Yeah I agree with Evelyn that filtering is just second nature now so we should probably expect it from every Insta post. But tbh I’d hate for people to be disappointed when they see me in person without a filter, that’s why I prefer not to go too overboard with my filtering.

  5. I am 200% here for the filtered life. What’s wrong with making your pics look better?? UM absolutely nothing, thank you very much. But I do agree we should be more wary of the version of reality we see online — nearly always quite far from the truth

  6. I think it’s really important for us to remember that pretty much everything on Instagram is filtered and shot to look a certain way. That’s no bad thing though! It’s only a bad thing when we’re force fed the belief that we ALL have to look like that. As long as we can see filtering as a bit of fun and don’t expect to look like that IRL, it’s all good.

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