Here’s some pure art therapy to make your Saturday 137% better

We hate being treated like dumb kids.

Adults are always talking down to us.

And really, can you think of anything worse that being forced into art therapy with a therapist that thinks you’re 11?


Well, nor can Petula, the main character from our current fave read ‘Optimists Die First’. And she’s just as furious about it as we would be. *Sighs*

The thing is that art therapy can be super fun and great for improving mental health. We spoke to an art Therapist-in-Training, Abby Winter, about the positive benefit of art therapy.

“Art therapy is essentially therapy using art as a form of communication. Art comes from the unconscious so by making art you are bringing your unconscious thoughts and feeling to your conscious mind. This allows you to try and make sense of those thoughts and feelings along with the therapist.”

But seriously how can making potato prints help with depression and other mental illnesses?

We found out.

There’s something about watching artists write more beautifully than even our best handwriting can deliver. 

We think ours would probably look more like this:

Icing cookies is totally a form of art too, and we’re HYPNOTISED. 

Don’t mind us, we’re just going to fall into a cookie icing spiral and emerge thinking we have serious skills.

COLOUR. So beautiful.

Can someone teach us to use watercolour so effortlessly? Please?

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Is it possible to LIVE in a painting? Because we want to be in this magical galaxy.

And we’re watching it on repeat.

Tattoos definitely aren’t for everyone, but you cannot deny how beautiful these watercolour creations are.

Piece by @mugscosta #383tattoogc

A post shared by 383 Tattoo / Universal Ink (@383tattoogc) on


Who knew coloured pencils could actually make magic?

We all bow down to Queen Maggie.

We can’t forget about the art that is a book cover. Total perfection.

Now it makes sense why we have bookcases full of these beauties, right?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever created?

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