Here’s how you can INK a novel in 26 emojis


We’re so excited to have Alice Broadway answer all of our questions about ‘Ink’ that we could legit get a tattoo to celebrate.

Ok. No. Tattoos need a lot of thought and careful planning (as you’ll find in the book too), plus needles. Ick. So instead, let’s just clap excitedly. Strap in and get ready, because we’re going in, headfirst, into the world a world of, well… Ink! Literally!

1. Describe ‘Ink’ only in emojis.
Ha, this is ace.

Yeah, I think I’ve just confused myself.

2. Leora’s world is so wonderfully vivid. Did you do a lot of research when writing ‘Ink’?
It was so fun to research: I got to talk to some amazing tattoo artists and watch them at work and spoke to lots of people about what their tattoos mean to them. One of my favourite bits was going and seeing some real preserved tattoos at the Wellcome collection in London.

3. If you could read the skin book of anyone, dead or alive, real or fictional, who would it be?
Oh wow. Well I’d really like to know the rest of Lyra’s story and I think it would be beautifully inked. I’d also love to check out the skin book of some notorious villain to find out their secrets.

4. Do you have tattoos? Do you have a favourite?
I don’t have any and I feel like a bit of a fraud! In the book, Leora is really struggling to decide what tattoos to choose for herself and I think I am just the same – I’d love to get one but I’d want it to be perfect. I love botanical tattoos and anything that has a powerful story behind it – the most clumsy tattoo can become beautiful when you hear about its meaning.

I tried creating my own Harry Potter temporary tattoos and it’s riddikulusly easy!

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5. What’s the scariest thing about your debut hitting the shelves?
It’s only now that I’m realising how much it feels like giving everyone your diary! I don’t think it’s autobiographical but the whole of Ink is very precious to me, and it’s incredibly nerve wracking hoping people like it. But I’m also enjoying that people’s reactions are completely out of my hands!

6. What’s in store for Leora in the rest of the series?
Without giving too much away, she continues to discover more of her own story and goes on a journey to begin to take control over her own tale.

7. What advice would you give to young writers?
Write because you love it and when it becomes stressful and hard remind yourself why you love it. I think writing and reading should add joy to our lives. I’d also tell people not to worry, I’m now in my late thirties and my career is just beginning. There is time for everything.

8. Please send us a snap of where you write!
It’s not normally this tidy

‘Ink’ is out now and it can be all yours and trust us, you need it, not least because the cover is a thing of ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!

Who’s skin book would YOU want to read? Pop star, film star, book bae? Share it with us!

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