Here’s everything we know about ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B

No sleep until April

We want our PRETTY LITTLE WEDDING dammit. And we were SO SURE that we were gonna get it come April after that photo of Aria in a white veil.

However, PLL fans are currently losing their cool after show-runner, I. Marlene King, dropped some seriously confusing information on twitter.

It looks like the finale should be all about the ships. Forget about A. Who cares? (Ok, we care, but right now? We just want to get to the bottom of this outrage). Because when King takes to Twitter it’s only to tease us in the most cruelest of ways.

Ok, ok. So we’ve got an Emison tease. Ok.

And then 1-up for Spoby. Cool.

Then this one for Haleb?!

It’s confusing because… Where’s Ezria? Is this ship not going to be endgame after all? Or maybe King just doesn’t want to risk giving too much away. But call us officially confuzzled, and desperate to know more.

So what DO we know about this final half of the season? 

What’s in that black box? We’ve got some ideas…

QUIZ: Which gif is your reaction to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ ending?

SPOILER ALERT! This is what we can expect in the final run of PLL episodes *sobs*

1. We’ll find out who Charlotte’s father is (and probably her relationship to Spencer too)

2. Spencer is not dead. Duh. We’ve seen her being rushed into the emergency room, plus there’s still questions that need answers there.

3. There will be a wedding! We were convinced it would be Ezria, but fans are now leaning towards Haleb…

4. Characters who will make a return include: Hanna, Emily, Caleb, Ali, and Toby. To name but a few! So basically expect everyone that ever had an important plot point to make a comeback.

One thing is for sure, we’ll be glued to our Twitter feed from now until April, just in case Mar tries to slip another little tidbit under our noses…

Are you shocked or utterly confused by these recent revelations? Who do you think will marry in 7B? Tell us in the comments below!

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