MP! Exclusive: We spoke to Hemsley + Hemsley about their new TV show, yummy food and Harry Styles, obvs!

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley aka the Hemsley + Hemsley sisters have been busy cooking up a new TV show. It will air on Channel 4, and focuses on teaching you about making quick, easy, nutritious food. We caught up with Jasmine and Melissa to talk about their new show, their secret ingredients and of course… Harry Styles.


Can you tell us a little bit about your new TV show?

It’s lots of fun, and it’s already going down a storm in Sydney. It’s us doing our favourite recipes and we had to think about this really hard – we’ve written roughly 350 recipes between our two books. We’ve designed a few more great recipes that we think will go down a treat. It’s a really uplifting TV show that makes you want to get back in the kitchen, but also to make you feel connected to your food again.

How did the TV show come about, did it feel like a natural progression for your brand?

We started as private chefs, we didn’t even have a name for two years, we were just the Food Sisters. Our clients call us the Food Fairies – we show up in their house, we cook, we clean up and then we leave and they come home to this lovely food.

It was after that we started blogging and we started writing for Vogue. It’s been harder to learn how to blog than it was to learn how to cook. That’s how we started. Once we got onto Vogue, we got so many offers to do books, to do TV. We didn’t mean to do all of this – we’re just sisters and we thought we want to eat healthy food, and we can’t find it anywhere so we’ll start doing it.

What advice would you give to teenagers who want to eat healthier?

Our number one bit of advice would be, just give it a go. You could start with one recipe, flick through a book, watch the TV show, go on someone’s Instagram and pick something that looks good to you. And then go to the shop, buy the ingredients and then come home and make it. Put some music on, and just start cooking.

When you have that under your belt you’ll feel so confident and amazing and then you can do the next one. We think it’s really important to know that.

Hemsley & Hemsley - Healthy And Delicious: Episode 09

Would you hold yourselves responsible for the whole courgetti trend?

Hands up it was us! We certainly discovered it by ourselves randomly, but that’s not to say that people weren’t doing it before. We found it about six years ago, we were looking for a machine to make noodles because we had been using a grater to make long strands. We were just thinking it was another great way to cut courgettes. So yes, we’re guilty.


If you could cater a dinner for any three pop stars, who would they be and what would you cook for them?

Ronan Keating, David Attenborough – wait he’s not a pop star! We love Beyonce, we know she loves a bit of healthy food and we know she loves fried chicken. We have an excellent, healthy fried chicken recipe called Pablo’s Chicken – so we’d make that for her.


If you had to make a Harry Styles cake, what ingredients would you use to create it?

We heard that he likes our food. We think Harry would be a chocolate kind of guy, a gooey chocolate guy. We’d make him a chocolate molten pot which you can turn into a cake. Then, you can put some figs or berries on it. We think Harry might quite like that.


Do you have one secret ingredient that makes your food taste extra good?

Bone broth is our secret ingredient. Also a good packet of sea salt – you can use this in any of your recipes, it will make everything taste better. You can get sea salt from everywhere now.

What are your top three snacks for lazy people? (Like us.)

Dates with coconut oil or almond butter, open the date and stuff it with that. Our second one is our recipe, Quicker Than Toast. For the third one, we’d say a smoothie.

‘Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley’ will air on Mondays at 8pm on Channel 4 starting on May 9. 

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