From farm life to pop stardom: Heidi Musum shares her inspirational story

Meet Heidi Musum.


You may not be familiar with her just yet but that’s about to change. Signed to TEN Music Group (which is also home to Icona Pop, The Fooo Conspiracy, Hanna & Andrea and of course Zara Larsson) Heidi is in great company with some amazing pop stars.


Heidi grew up on a farm in Fetsund, Norway where she lived until she was 19. At this point, she travelled to Sweden and began busking on the streets of Stockholm where she earned the money she needed for food and a place to stay.

It was on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden where TEN discovered Heidi and quickly snapped her up and signed her to their label after hearing her unique sound and style.


We’re always looking for exciting new pop stars so we jumped at the chance to ask her a few questions about her music, moving to Stockholm and the special importance of the LGBTQ community in her life.

Hi Heidi! We’re going to go straight in with the questions; no messing about. If you didn’t move away from home to the city, what do you think you would be doing now?

I’d probably have a fake boyfriend, 10 cats and four albums that no one would hear.


That’s a lot of cats, but we think you’re probably used to having lots of pets. What was it like growing up on a farm in Fetsund?

It was very idyllic. And as down to earth as you can get it I guess. That’s probably where I’ve gotten my minimalistic way of living. I love the silence as much as I would miss the noise of the city.

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

I took a test one time that said my spirit animal was a pug. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.


We love pugs, sounds like a great animal to be. You say you had a “great need to feel free” when you moved from Fetsund to Oslo. What do you do now to feel free in the crazy moments that life throws at you?

I think I generally have a strong need to feel free at all times. It’s never appealed to me to get an education or have a 9 to 5 job like most people I know have. It scares the shit out of me actually. I know I would be richer in a more materialistic way, but if that doesn’t give me anything, who am I working for? I just think I’m allergic to that whole idea of life; to go through the week doing something you don’t like, so that you can do something you like in the weekend??? That’s like 20% of your life! I have enough money to pay my rent and my bills, and that’s all the money I need. I’m not saying that’s all the money I want, but it’s all the money I need.

Did you ever have any moments where you thought music wasn’t going to work out for you?

Oh yeah, basically my whole life. I was so nervous, just playing in front of my parents. One time I threw a sock in my moms eye because she blinked when I played and I was like “you’re falling asleep, you think I suck!” Haha. It was super sensitive to me. But at the same time I’ve always been determined that music is what I’m going to do, I just thought I’d be doing it living in an abandoned cabin, only playing for myself and my 10 cats.

Luckily for us, you’re playing for more than your 10 cats because we love your new single ‘Do You See’. What was the first thing YOU saw when you woke up this morning?

An oversized poster of Sandra Bullock.

Everyone loves a little Sandra Bullock. You used to be a street musician to make money, what is the best street performance you’ve ever seen?

That must have been two years ago when Derek Butler and his guitarist Niles Rivers jumped on the train from Oslo to Stockholm last minute to play with me. It was just crazy because Derek’s been the back-up singer for artists like Justin Bieber and Aretha Franklin, and Niles is also an amazing artist, so it was amazing to just watch them killing it. If it weren’t for the fact that we shared a basket, I would’ve thrown all my money there.

Sounds like quite a show. How did TEN Music Group discover you? Tell us how it all happened!

It was so random. I remember feeling a little hopeless trying to chase my dream, but not knowing where to start. So I was playing in Drottninggatan at the time, and TEN were holding auditions for students at music schools around in Stockholm, and when they heard I was a street musician they said I could come and play one song. I got through to the last auditions, and I remember being so bad! But somehow they liked me, but I didn’t really have a sound yet. So they kindly told me to find that. And then I spent the next six months developing my own sound, and writing and recording “Do You See”. And I sent it to them, and I guess they liked it.

TEN Music Group has an incredible roster. Is there anyone you’d like to work with?

All of them! They’re so great. The first ones to pop in my head are Zara Larsson and Maria Hazell. So hot.


A Zara x Heidi duet definitely needs to happen. What is your favourite song right now?

‘I Need A Forrest Fire’ by James Blake and Bon Iver. Combo perfection! I can physically feel their pain in my chest in some parts of that song. Exhausting.

You recently performed at Pride in Oslo. Is it important for you to support LGBT events and identify yourself as part of the community?

Absolutely. I definitely feel a special connection to the LGBT community, and most of my friends are gay, so it’s definitely important to me. And especially now, after the Orlando massacre, it feels extra important to show support, so I was very excited to play.

Absolutely. What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

I’ve made a few songs lately, that I’m very excited for you guys to hear. And for the people I write about to hear. Things I didn’t get to say. I think it’s hard to put things/people behind me, without having gotten everything off my chest.

Sounds amazing, we can’t wait to hear. Thanks so much for speaking to us.

We’re loving Heidi Musum over here at MP! Towers; we’d love to know what you think of her too. Tweet us @maximumpop with your thoughts.

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