Heatwave: the real hair victims of England’s mental weather

Here in the UK, we’re experiencing our 7 days of intense summer and BOY does our hair not appreciate it. When us frizzy hair gals suddenly look like Mia Thermopolis pre-Princess, we sure ain’t happy about leaving the house. These beasts cannot be tamed. We’re all for rocking your natural look but hello – this level of volume is no longer normal.

Now, let us say a silent prayer for our sisters affected by the current heatwave:

*Screams in distress*

Looking at Monica in these scenes from Friends is like looking in a mirror right now:

If you got it, rock it:

Even the heatwave can’t stop the Pokémon hunters:

If only this was after her hair transformation:

This can go on our CV right?

We didn’t know Schrodinger theorised about hair too, but we feel ya:

We would LOVE to be compared to Emma Watson any other time of the year, but seriously?

How are you and your luscious locks holding up in the summer heat? Tweet us @maximumpop!

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