Coming full circle: the books that meet a shattering conclusion by going back to the beginning

Sometimes you have to go back to where it began to be able to finish it, you know? Whether it’s a physical place, or a person, it’s that definite “closure” thing.


With the release of Kate A. Boorman’s ‘Heartfire’, it’s impossible not to feel a strong sense of coming full circle as Emmeline is forced to go back to where she so desperately wanted and needed to escape from. But hers isn’t the only story that does this, obvs! Here’s a list of our fave examples. *SPOILER FREE*

1. ‘Resurgence’ by Kerry Wilkinson


When Silver Blackthorn takes the ‘Reckoning’ in book one, she’s packed off to Windsor Castle to become prey to the whims of the king. It’s gnarly. But book 3 she makes her way back for HECK of an explosive, and clever, ending. And those of you that have read this series will totes agree that there was no other way for Silver to conclude her story.

2. ‘The Square Root of Summer’ by Harriet Reuter Hapgood


Gottie’s story is a bit of an odd one. Part surreal, and maybe magical realist, but more possibly it’s just plain unexplained science… she’s constantly flitting in and out of the current timeline. But it’s only in remembering her beginnings, and revisiting them, that she can remember properly, and sort her present out.

3.  ‘Ride’ by Lisa Glass


This series will break you. It will make you feel things. And you weren’t expecting it from those sunny, beachy covers were you? Well, you’ve been warned and book three here is like suckerpunch. But after embarking on a heck of an adventure through ‘Blue’ and ‘Air’, Iris returns to her home again in Newquay to essentially regain herself, and to mend herself.

4. ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart


There is no book quite like it. And, perhaps, not another that comes full circle with such a hard slap either. The truth, and the twist, is only uncovered as our protagonist works her way back and back and back to the beginning.

5. ‘The Retribution of Mara Dyer’ by Michelle Hodkin


The series that literally comes back to page one book one at the end of book three. Is there much more we can say without there being spoilers? Probably not. But it’s very cleverly done. *applauds*

6. ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ by J K Rowling


Ok, sure. He’s not back in the cupboard under the stairs, but really his story starts and ends with Voldemort. This is one prophecy boy who cannot escape his fate.

7. ‘Heartfire’ by Kate A. Boorman


Emmeline has to go back to the place that held her a willing captive for most of her life. She has to, or face death. For everyone. Literally. She’s finally on her adventure of discovery, of freedom, of happiness. But it’s cut short (real short back in ‘Darkthaw’). So it’s back to the beginning to try and make things right again. She’s made of tough stuff is our girl Em.

Are you intrigued? Well just as well we can show you where to get your copy of ‘Heartfire’. Just clicky here.

What other books do you know come full circle? Are you a fan, or would you rather the story just keep going rather than looping back? Tweet us @maximumpopbooks or leave a comment below!

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