7 reasons why being a geek is the best way to live your life

Forget the Chinese zodiac, it’s the year of the Geek. In fact, we’d argue that it’s ALWAYS the year of the Geek because being that awesome can never go out of fashion.


Don’t believe us? Here’s 7 reasons why it’s the gospel truth:

1. Brains.


Maybe this seems to obvious, but the thing about being a geek is that you have a specialised kind of brain. Not limited to academia (but if school is your thing then you go right ahead and rock that) you can be the brain about anything subject. And people will flock to pick it.

2. Achievement.


If you’re a self-confessed geek then chances are that you are, or will be, damn successful at your chosen “thing”. Why? Because you’re passionate about it, whatever it is, and you’ll stop at nothing to be up there with the best. So whether it’s video games, eyeliner or physics, your geek focus and pride will see you through.

3. Originality.


Us geeks are usually wired differently. But in the best possible ways. This often means thinking out of the box in all aspects of our lives. Geeks are the original trendsetters.

4. Problem solving and acceptance


Let’s face it, even though being a ‘geek’ is kinda in vogue right now, but not everyone is down with us brainboxes and dorks. Nope, most of us have experienced bullying or less-than-kind treatment because of our passions and hobbies. But it IS true that it only makes us stronger. Problem solving skills and acceptance of others are both high in our ways of working.

5. The pressure is off.


You don’t have to pretend to be cool, or part of the latest trends. Because who cares? You’re doing you, and that’s enough cool for you, thank you very much. It limits the stress factor of what others think. #swag

6. Who run the world?


“What have the Romans ever done for us?” should be changed to “what did the geeks ever do for us?” And the answer? Everything. Muggles just reap the benefits of hardworking geeks, because the geeks let them. All hail.

7. You’re Peter Pan.


Which means you never really have to grow up. Ditch the stress of whether or not you’re adulting right, or if you’ve successfully moved out of your childhood fads (because that’s what you’re EXPECTED to do). Geeks will often turn their childhood interests into adult hobbies, or even careers. And why? Well… Why the hell not? You’re forever young and you’re mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

Are you a proud geek? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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