Haters back off! 7 reasons why Miranda Sings’ Netflix show is going to be amazing

We’ve seen her do tours and bring out a self-help book. Now Miranda Sings is conquering Netflix with a scripted comedy series, and you’ll never guess what her TV show is going to be called.

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That’s right — ‘Haters Back Off’. Queen. We are excited to see what fresh weirdness Colleen Evans (the girl behind the character, Miranda Sings) will be bringing to our ‘Netflix and chill’ binge sessions. Here are just a few of our own ideas on what to maybe expect from what we imagine is going to be a legit amazing show.

1. Fun co-stars.


Miranda is no stranger to collabs on her channel, so we’ll be interested to see who she’ll be bouncing off in the series. If any of her YouTuber friends decide to make a guest experience, too… Well, we definitely wouldn’t be opposed to that.

2. Baes. All of the baes.


Miranda has a whole entourage of YouTuber baes, so we’re wondering whether ‘Haters Back Off’ will see any new romantic interests.

3. Miranda meltdowns.


Gave Miranda something spicey? Been caught with her boyfriend? Prepare for a classic Miranda meltdown. You can literally see the fury building in her eyes and, honestly, we do not think we would like to be on the wrong side of her.

4. More of her truly iconic and revolutionary outfits.


The shirt and red jogging bottom look are basically Miranda’s whole brand and we live for it. Not forgetting her red lip. We wonder if a TV series will bring a whole wardrobe of very Miranda-esque clothes, though. And, if so, we are here ready to draw some serious fashion inspiration.

4. Miranda doing the Lord’s work.


Anything not PG and Miranda will shut it down, so we’re ready to see what sinners Miranda may come into contact with on her Netflix adventures.

6. 100% sass 100% of the time.


Similar to that fury in her eyes, we do love a bit of sassy Miranda, which is basically her 24/7 FYI. That eyebrow and lip quirk though!

7. Performances. 


Miranda is clearly a talented lady, so we are expecting so many musical interludes throughout her TV show. In fact, we’d definitely be happy with a ‘Glee’ sort of setup, please. Miranda deserves a musical.

The series is set to be eight episodes long. However, she is yet to announce a launch date. Still, we have high hopes that this is going to be pretty hilarious. What are you expecting to see from Miranda Sings in ‘Haters Back Off’? Tweet us @maximumpop with your own ideas.

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